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creating a brand with character

Creating a Brand with Character

by Marstudio Inc.

You may be able to build a flashy brand or one that’s eye-catching and visually appealing, but building a brand that has character is another story entirely. It’s something that Nike has managed to do throughout the years and something your company can also achieve.[…]

Chocolate Concierge’s new package design

by Marstudio Inc.

A design so appealing you’ll want to take a bite. At least that’s the idea behind the Chocolate Concierge’s new package design.

Take a look at all angles of this delightful new design here.

Photo courtesy of Lovely Package.[…]

design makeover

Buchanan’s Scotch Design Makeover

by Marstudio Inc.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it—but after 100 years it might be time to step up the design game. That’s what Buchanan’s Scotch recently decided to do, and we think it was a smart move. Read more about the new designs here.[…]

Pressbait website screenshot

4 Unique Features That Can Help Your Website Stand Out

by Annie K.

In September 2014, there were 1 billion websites floating around on the Internet. That number has declined to just under one billion over the past year, but still – that’s a lot! And a lot of websites means there’s a lot of competition for eyeballs.[…]

Before & After: GrandCare Website

by Marstudio Inc.

GrandCare, a company that offers home and hospice care services in California, wanted to inspire a calm confidence in the quality of their services. We helped them achieve that goal through a beautiful new website that is clean and refined,[…]

LOGO OF THE MONTH // Polyester

by Marstudio Inc.

Polyester’s creative new identity is dependent on a rune-like custom typeface based on html brackets, </>, and dubbed Polyester Sans.

The new identity, designed by Bedow, is meant to communicate the long history of Polyester,[…]

car wrap, vehicle wrap design

GET SEEN with a Creative Vehicle Wrap Design

by Marstudio Inc.

When businesses set out to market themselves, the most common ideas that come to mind are flyers, print ads, website banners, and email blasts. While these collateral pieces have proven to be useful and effective, there are more creative ways to get your business’[…]

Barcodes can be fun, but only in Japan!

by Marstudio Inc.

I never knew that one could actually design a barcode. They are so mundane and mechanical in nature that it never occurred to me they could be designed. Then I came across an amazing collection of stylized barcodes for some Japanese products that blew me away.[…]