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CCPC’s Logo Sets Them Apart from Other Practices

by Marstudio Inc.

Chester County Primary Care wanted a cutting edge logo that connected with younger generations, so Marstudio thought up a concept for their logo that is more than meets the viewer’s eye. The logo has been constructed from a series of dots that form the letters CCPC which acts as a small,[…]

LOGO OF THE MONTH // Polyester

by Marstudio Inc.

Polyester’s creative new identity¬†is dependent on a rune-like custom typeface based on html brackets, </>, and dubbed Polyester Sans.

The new identity, designed by¬†Bedow, is meant to communicate the long history of Polyester,[…]

logo design, branding design for museum of london

LOGO OF THE WEEK // Museum of London

by Marstudio Inc.

Our logo this week comes from a collection of logos sent to us by a friend of Marstudio’s. The compilation is of 30 different logos that all have some sort of hidden meaning when you look more closely, and we chose our favorite to highlight as the logo of the week.[…]