Marstudio completes and launches its first round of marketing collateral for Kellogg Conference Hotel

Kellogg Conference Hotel PostcardsWhen Kellogg Conference Hotel approached Marstudio to introduce a new marketing strategy and overhaul their dated look they welcomed the challenge.

The task was challenging on so many levels because Kellogg Conference Hotel was already an established entity and a complete rebranding was not a wise and effective option. So Marstudio devised a smart strategy by revamping their existing brand and using their existing colors to introduce a whole new look for their marketing collateral that stirred Kellogg Conference Hotel’s marketing efforts in the right direction.

The new design is fresh, simple, bold and elegant. It reflects the values and services of Kellogg Conference Hotel accurately and so far the response has been extremely positive.

To view more of Kellogg Conference Hotel’s marketing pieces design by Marstudio please visit their portfolio section.

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