Kellogg Conference Hotel hires Marstudio to redesign and develop their website as part of their rebranding initiative

Months of fruitful rebranding collaboration between Kellogg Conference Hotel and Marstudio finally leads to the decision to redesign their website.

Kellogg Conference Hotel seized the opportunity to utilize Marstudio’s unique expertise in the field of website design and development to refresh their outdated site. The main objective is to improve the website’s visual appeal, functionality and relevance in terms of search engine optimization. Their current website does not accurately represent the range of services that they provide and, in its current state, is not acting as a viable sales and marketing tool. Marstudio is poised to take on this challenge and, with Kellogg Conference Hotel’s unwavering support, design and develop a unique website that would accomplish all the necessary goals set forward.

To view more of Marstudio’s design work for Kellogg Conference Hotel please visit our portfolio section.

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