Marstudio designs and develops a website to help a friend in need

A few months ago tragedy struck and one our dear friends lost all her possessions in a massive fire. Everyone at Marstudio shared her pain and we were determined to help her get back on her feet. The idea came about to create a website for her and help promote it among her friends and ours so that they could help her in any shape or form that they could.  We rolled up our sleeves and got to work. In one day we visited the site of the fire, took photographs, brainstormed about the logistics, then had a small website designed and developed that not only encapsulated the tragedy by showcasing the devastation the fire had caused but also gave our friend in need a platform that allowed her to receive donations from friends and family towards rebuilding her life. We also provided her friends with a platform to express their support by giving her the much needed encouragement she required to keep her strength and move forward.


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