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Here is a hint! It has nothing to do with your product or service. Sign up for your B2G branding and marketing consultation today to discover how successful government contracting companies win federal and state contracts and dominate the GovCon marketplace.

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Together we can help your brand dominate the B2G marketplace.

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If you are planning to get into the B2G business or have been responding to state or federal government RFPs, then you know there is stiff competition in your marketplace. However, there has been a slew of new bills signed into law which means soon federal dollars will flow into your state governments. Now the question is:

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How can you win more contracts?

Soon there will be a frenzy among businesses that are vying for new federal dollars pouring into states for infrastructure and other social programs. Big government contracting firms that have established relationships will have an advantage as a result of their past performances. But, nothing is guaranteed. So how can you gain an advantage when it comes to winning B2G contracts?

Generally, the traditional approach is to resort to old solicitation tactics. Find out who to talk to. Prepare RFP responses. Outline past performances. Package everything. Send it out and cross your fingers. 

Does that sound familiar?

Unfortunately, the success rate of small businesses lags their enterprise and mid-size counterparts by about 10 points. Why?

It’s simple really. Small businesses generally suffer from 7 deadly tactical challenges such as:

  1. Lack of budget, people, and time
  2. Lack of proper branding and not appearing as the right fit
  3. Not being on the proper social media platforms
  4. No consistent or visible marketing/advertising
  5. Lack of conversion-focused content
  6. Not keeping up with trends and technology
  7. Not having a trusted marketing partner

These are the challenges that keep a B2G business owner up at night. Especially the number one challenge which has a direct impact on your bottom line. Yet, if you don’t take these challenges head you may soon join the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics small business failure stats.

According to Loopio Enterprise and Mid-market companies have a 48% RFP win rate while small B2G businesses struggle to reach 38%.

In a recent survey conducted by Keap Small Business Marketing Trends Report¹, almost 30% of business professionals responded that they do not have a clear marketing plan. This is a staggering number considering the level of competition government contracting businesses experience daily. 
Only 11% of respondents thought brand awareness was important to their success. Let me repeat that! Only 11% believed that spending money and time on getting their brand out there in the marketplace was important. WOW!


We understand and sympathize with the daily challenges that you as a B2G business professional face.

From sales to operations, it is a never-ending stream of decisions and tasks that will keep the best of us busy. No wonder none of us have time to invest in marketing plans and brand awareness campaigns.

But…is it sustainable?
It doesn’t have to be that way and you don’t have to break the bank to get the help that can transform your GovCon business into a contract-winning machine. All you need is expert CMO guidance that will help answer your branding and marketing questions and aid you in creating viable plans to execute campaigns that will position your business as the right fit for the government agencies you are working hard to engage.
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This is not a new concept, but it is the most overlooked one.
There is a reason top brands and enterprise government contracting businesses spend so much money on rendering the services of top branding and marketing consultants. They are fully aware that it is faster and more cost-effective to hire a fractional CMO than to try to spend time hiring a full-time one.
At the end of the day what you need is time-tested information and expertise to handle immediate branding and marketing initiatives and form long-term plans to dominate your B2G marketplace and increase your government contract win rate.
The question is why can’t you do the same as a small business and thrive as they do?
You certainly can and we have scalable solutions to help you win now!
Welcome to GovMar

B2G CMO Consultation Plan™

As an award-winning and experienced corporate branding and strategic advertising firm hyper-focused on expert visual marketing our expert Chief Marketing and Branding Officers have the experience and specific B2G knowledge to help you overcome the 7 deadly challenges you face as a small business and WIN!

What we have discovered:

We are branding experts at our core and believe that all successful government contracting businesses become market leaders for one reason only; they have a strong and consistent brand that projects trust and confidence. 

We have discovered that the secret to healthy growth depends on how government contracting officers perceive your brand from the outside in. They will judge you by your appearance and content to assess if you are the right fit. Buying is 90% visual and only 10% logical. 
It may not be fair, but it is how we are wired to look at our world. We are conditioned to look for faults in anything we want. It is a survival mechanism, and it supersedes any other need that we have as humans.
It will not matter if your product or service is a juggernaut. If it looks inferior to an inferior brand often contracting officers tend to go with the option that looks more credible, or at least on the surface appears to address their need.

of consumers expressed that they need to trust brands first before they engage them.²

So how can you become the right fit?

We have created a Brand Strengthening Roadmap™ that allows you to leverage the expertise of our B2G CMOs and the rest of our highly sought-after team of Chiefs and Directors to help your brand appear as the right fit.
Here is how it works:
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Step 1

Sign up for a strategic B2G CMO Consultation Plan today

Take advantage of one-on-one CMO sessions (up to two sessions per month) to conduct a comprehensive assessment of every aspect of your brand and then expand the audit to your digital assets such as your website and social media platforms, and end with evaluating all your sales and marketing assets like capability statements, sales fact sheets, and brochures to determine your brand’s market presence, messaging and any visual or contextual issues that may be hindering your growth.

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Step 2

Partake in formulating a B2G Brand Strengthening Roadmap™

This collaborative consultative session involves at least one strategy implementation meeting a month with any of our Chiefs designed to help you realize the power of your brand and how it can be optimized to appear as the right fit in the GovCon marketplace. We generate a comprehensive brand report and plan out all the tasks needed to transform your brand visualization and messaging in order to ensure it resonates with contracting officers at state and federal agencies.

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Step 3

Execute and enjoy your market dominance

Our work is not done. Now that we have the blueprint for success, we will help you determine the level of effort needed to execute your B2G Brand Strengthening Roadmap™. Then we provide you with options to have us do it all for you or consult you on the execution of the plan by collaborating with your internal/external marketing department resources.

Why strike out when you can hit a home run?

Schedule your B2G CMO consultation today and let us walk you through your customized plan! There are limited spots available each month, reserve yours today.

What is the Cost of Inaction?

Well, lack of action will guarantee that your contract win rate will remain in the mid-thirties. And, contracting officers will find enterprise and mid-market companies more attractive and suitable for their needs.
B2G business is no different that B2B business when it comes to brand presence. Strong brands create loyalty, help you attract and retain talent, drive competitive advantage, and even reduce business risk⁴. In fact, data from a recent industry survey⁵ suggests that on average, brands account for more than 1/3 of shareholder value. This suggests that your brand has a direct impact on your company’s earnings.
of consumers make a purchase based on a brand name.³

Leverage the Power of Your B2G Brand.

Join the distinguished group of businesses and organizations that have leveraged GovMar’s trusted B2G Chief Marketing Officer Consultation Plan™ and built thriving GovCon brands.

Still not convinced?

Here is a success story that will transform your mindset.

Anglin Consulting Group Success Story
When Anglin Consulting Group’s CEO approached us she was experiencing brand trust and scaling issues that hindered her ability to compete for high-value contracts from government agencies. Contracting officers would take one look at her previous brand and immediately form a negative opinion about her company’s ability to perform and scale. 
Once she engaged our experienced B2G CMOs and seasoned branding experts it was clear that a rebrand was the best course of action for her company. The rebranding effort completely transformed Anglin’s value proposition and market positioning. It now portrays a capable and trustworthy B2G firm that is poised to address anything contracting officers need.  
As showcased here the rebranding effort not only transformed Anglin’s brand but also its entire digital and physical infrastructure such as social media, capability statements, corporate identity, website, proposal templates, and all other sales and marketing collaterals. 
Anglin is a successful case study showcasing how a reputable brand can transform perceptions and help secure a government contract that otherwise would’ve been lost to a competitor.

Together we can help your B2G brand dominate your market.

You already have a great GovCon business. Let us help you make sure contracting officers don’t doubt it for a second.
Schedule your B2G CMO consultation today and let us walk you through your success plan!
There are limited spots available each month so reserve yours today. 

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