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Personal Branding

Personal Branding and Your Business

by Sam R.

It’s probably likely that you’ve encountered the phrase “personal branding” in a casual setting. These days, people have interpreted the phrase to be about how one presents themselves in their everyday life. For example, according to this definition, how you define your strengths and characteristics on your resume is part of your personal brand.[…]

Seasonal Branding

How Seasonal Designs Can Boost Sales

by Sam R.

In short, seasonal branding isn’t a complete brand makeover, but it is a useful temporary tool. While you maintain your core branding, the slight tweaks in design give it a seasonal twist. After the window of time has passed, you can simply revert to your general branding.[…]


Brand Consistency: 3 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Brand

by Sam R.

If you were asked to define “branding,” what would you say?

We believe a brand is about giving your customer a consistent experience. If I walked into a Chipotle in Rockville today and the walls were pink, and a week later I walked into a Chipotle in New York City and the walls were brown,[…]