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Is Moby Dick House of Kabob Rebranding?

by Marstudio Inc.

Over the weekend two of our team members had dinner at one of Moby’s establishments and noticed all-new cups and uniforms, but noted that nothing else (menu, interior design, etc.) had been changed to match, leading our curious minds to question….[…]

FirstTeam’s Informational Booklet: A Great Selling Tool

by Marstudio Inc.

FirstTeam VIP Health Services is an emerging personal at-home care provider located in California. Marstudio developed a unique, corporate visual identity for the company that included the FirstTeam logo, brand colors, branding guide, business cards, letterheads, and various other pieces of print collateral.[…]

Marstudio Info Series I All About Brands Part 2: Why is a Strong Brand Important for Your Business?

by Marstudio Inc.

Developing a brand is important, but making sure that your efforts are being invested towards a strong brand is perhaps even more so. It goes with the age-old saying (and Marstudio’s motto): If you are going to do it,[…]

Marstudio Info Series I All About Brands Part 1: What is a Brand?

by Marstudio Inc.

Before we start on the fun stuff, it is important that we first answer the most basic question: What is a brand?

Surprisingly, many people (businessmen/women and otherwise) do not clearly understand what a brand is and how it differs from things like a brand name,[…]

Ray-Ban Ad

Ray-Ban: Rebranding For Another 75 Years of Success

by Marstudio Inc.

What is the key to a strong, everlasting brand? It’s simple! REBRANDING.

Large corporate companies that have effectively and regularly adapted their brands to current social and cultural trends are proven to continue their success for years to come.[…]

Creative Commercial of the Week

by Marstudio Inc.

Every week we rummage through videos of humorous and creative commercials to choose the best ones to share with you. These videos highlight some of the greatest and most creative recent commercial work which we believe merit notoriety and attention.[…]

Comedy Central Rebrands.

by Sam R.

I was watching Comedy Central this weekend and I noticed that something was a little off. The small logo on the bottom of my TV screen had suddenly changed to a copyright sign. I wondered a little but then it dawned on me that it was the new logo for the network.[…]

Passiontolive: Going Beyond what Camera Captures

by Marstudio Inc.

I recently attended Ben Passiontolive’s photography show, Sunday Sessions, at the L2 Lounge in Washington, DC. The event was organized by Art Soiree, an organization with a goal to showcase emerging talent in the visual arts, short film, music, and performance arts.[…]

We like Clients from Hell

by Marstudio Inc.

No matter your industry, even the most patient and easy-going among us has, at one point or another, had his or her sanity tested by a client. Design firms are no exception, and a blog called Clients from Hell – humorous horror stories and anecdotes submitted daily by and for designers and IT professionals — is rapidly making the rounds.[…]