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Branding Questions

Branding Questions You Need to Ask

by Marstudio Inc.

Branding is not a once and done thing. Branding is not a logo slapped onto a website. In fact, a good brand is a living entity—it’s the personality and soul of your business.

Once yours is established and rolled out to the customer the work is far from over.[…]

6 Rebranding Dos and Don’ts for Better Customer Engagement

by Sam R.

Successful companies stay relevant because they evolve and innovate, and that includes staying on top of their branding strategy. And despite what a lot of companies seem to think, simply tweaking your logo and crossing your fingers just won’t cut it.[…]

Marstudio Info Series I All About Brands Part 1: What is a Brand?

by Marstudio Inc.

Before we start on the fun stuff, it is important that we first answer the most basic question: What is a brand?

Surprisingly, many people (businessmen/women and otherwise) do not clearly understand what a brand is and how it differs from things like a brand name,[…]