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Brand Identity

What Is Brand Identity and Why Does it Matter?

by Marstudio Inc.

Having a strong brand identity gives an added value to the products or services you provide. Good branding can build up loyalty amongst your customers who will then recommend your product or service to people they know.

Creating a image logo

Making a Logo: A Look Inside the Involved Process

by Marstudio Inc.

A logo is an essential part of every company, oftentimes serving as a first impression of sorts to potential customers. So how do designers go about creating something so integral?

Pizza Salad logo


by Marstudio Inc.

PizzaSalad is a California-based restaurant which offers a delicious, healthy and organic pizza and salad menu.

Synergy Design & Consulting logo

Synergy Design & Consulting

by Marstudio Inc.

Synergy Design & Consulting is a design and consulting firm located in Northern Virginia. When clients need renovation work done, Synergy D&C facilitates how to get that work done, and who to contact, acting as a liaison between the client and contractors.

Ace of Events logo

Ace of Events

by Marstudio Inc.

Ace of Events is a team of event planners with a knack for creating extravagant, tradtional Indian weddings and grandiose corporate events.

Flik logo

Flik Mid-Atlantic Group

by Marstudio Inc.

Flik Mid-Atlantic Group is a division of the Flik Hospitality Group, who operates a series of conference hotels and centers dedicated to hosting corporate meetings and events. Their main focus is exceptional food, service, and maintaining a professional staff.

Safinia Blog Cover


by Marstudio Inc.

Safinia is an artificial intelligence platform created by Lexical Intelligence.

Eeastern Title & Settlement logo

Eastern Title & Settlement

by Marstudio Inc.

Easter Title & Settlement had a strong presence in the community they served, but their efforts weren’t focused enough to truly expand their reach. Marstudio started with implementing a full brand refresh to help refocus the company’s marketing efforts. Then, we applied this new branding to several types of collateral such as business cards and promotional flyers. We also refreshed the design of their website, business cards, and various trade show material.

Mixup words

Choosing Fonts that Reflect Your Business

by Sam R.

Your company has a name, a tagline, and you’ve decided on colors. Now here comes the next part: the logo. While the imagery is a big portion of a logo, picking the right font to use in your logo and in assorted branded collateral is critical.[…]