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IN & OUT Design Trends for 2016

by Sam R.

We always keep a close eye on the latest web design trends, and this year has been no exception. As we move into 2016, there are a number of trends we’ve seen build momentum, while others have fizzled out. There are also a number of hot trends in 2015 that will continue to gain strength in the new year.[…]

adult coloring book

Moleskine’s New Adult Coloring Book

by Marstudio Inc.

Adult coloring books were all the rage this past holiday gift-giving season. Now Moleskine, a company known for their fine-crafted notebooks, journals, and planners, is throwing their hat in the adult-coloring-book ring. Find out which award-winning illustrator Moleskine teamed up with to create the beautiful designs here.[…]

Design Projects that Inspired Us in 2015

by Sam R.

In 2015, two projects really captured the entire Marstudio team’s attention. One was done by Pentagram, and the other by Michael Beirut, who happens to be a Pentagram partner.

Here’s a look at the two design projects:

New visual identity for MIT Media Lab | Pentagram

The MIT Media Lab is a very unique department at the storied university.[…]

creating a brand with character

Creating a Brand with Character

by Marstudio Inc.

You may be able to build a flashy brand or one that’s eye-catching and visually appealing, but building a brand that has character is another story entirely. It’s something that Nike has managed to do throughout the years and something your company can also achieve.[…]

color of the year

The Politics of the Color of the Year

by Marstudio Inc.

This year Pantone threw everyone for a loop by announcing two colors for Color of the Year in 2016. These colors, rose quartz and serenity, are loaded with symbolism—especially considering this past year’s events. Will these colors have a political tie in?[…]

new packaging design

New Packaging Design for Union Playing Cards

by Marstudio Inc.

This new packaging design remains true to the company’s namesake, Union. The rustic, patriotic flavor of this deck is evident in every touch of the design from the outside packaging to the individual cards. See this wonderful Americana look and feel from all angles here.[…]


The Power of Brand Simplicity

by Marstudio Inc.

When everything is bold, then nothing stands out—an important concept to remember when it comes to developing your brand. Simplicity is vital to helping customers recognize and remember your company and what it stands for. Need more proof that simple is better?[…]

Visually Interpret Shakespeare

Graphic Designers and Artists Visually Interpret Shakespeare

by Marstudio Inc.

There have been many adaptations of Shakespeare’s words over the years—whether it’s through modern twists on the plays or a Hollywood director’s interpretation via the big screen. But there’s another way to interpret Shakespeare’s work and that’s through art and design.[…]

Personality on Creativity

by Marstudio Inc.

Research suggests that people may be able to increase their creative performance if they use a cognitive approach that best suits their personality. Now what exactly does this mean? Two major personality types were examined during this experiment: the wandering mind and the focused mind.[…]