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If you’re going to change the logo…

by Monika Jansen

Sometimes customers get attached to a really great brand with strong design elements. They come to have certain expectations of your business and they associate that with your logo. The downside to this is that sometimes they can get too attached.[…]

6 Rebranding Dos and Don’ts for Better Customer Engagement

by Sam R.

Successful companies stay relevant because they evolve and innovate, and that includes staying on top of their branding strategy. And despite what a lot of companies seem to think, simply tweaking your logo and crossing your fingers just won’t cut it.[…]

New Hobby Lobby logo branding

Under the Microscope: Hobby Lobby Gets a New Logo

by Marstudio Inc.

The Hobby Lobby logo has undergone a makeover, and the result is a bit surprising.

Considering their previous logo’s look was pretty dated, this new design is a breath of fresh air:

The flat orange and white colors and the simplicity of the new logo will lend itself well to social media icons for the brand,[…]

New Google logo design 2015

Google’s New Logo Adds Form to Function

by Annie K.

There’s a lot going on over at the Google headquarters these days. After a massive restructuring to come up with the new parent company name, Alphabet, Google also unveiled a clean new logo design this week.

As a company that initially focused on providing much-needed functionality,[…]

tokyo Olympics logo

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Logo Scrapped Due to Controversy

by Marstudio Inc.

From the moment the new 2020 Tokyo Olympics logo was unveiled, it has been a center of controversy and criticism.  At first, many thought the design was too Japan-centric and it didn’t represent the true nature and sportsmanship of the Olympics.[…]


by Emma S.

IHOP’s new logo, reinvented by Studio Tilt, modernizes the traditional, and widely recognized original logo. The new logo’s biggest change is turning its “frown” upside down, and adding a smiling face to the restaurant’s name. The “o” and “p” now act as eyes.[…]

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MARSTUDIO UPDATE // Potomac Physicians Associates’ Colorful New Branding

by Marstudio Inc.

Potomac Physicians Associates’ colorful new branding is complete! After much deliberation, we have delivered what we think is a very cool, unique new logo design to our client, PPA. Here at Marstudio, we had explored countless options for this new brand and ultimately,[…]

promaneer logo and branding design

Typography Makes All The Difference | Promaneer’s New Logo

by Marstudio Inc.

This week we completed the newly revamped logo for Promaneer, a consulting and management company for commercial real estate. Promaneer came to us with an average-looking logo that looked outdated and that didn’t assert itself. The client wanted to keep the logo icon more or less the same,[…]

Comedy Central Rebrands.

by Sam R.

I was watching Comedy Central this weekend and I noticed that something was a little off. The small logo on the bottom of my TV screen had suddenly changed to a copyright sign. I wondered a little but then it dawned on me that it was the new logo for the network.[…]