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LOGO OF THE WEEK // Mareiner Holz Identity Re-design

by Marstudio Inc.

Great branding can really take your breath away. This week’s best logo comes all the way from Vienna, Austria and is absolutely stunning. Moodley Brand Identity has done some great work, but our favorite piece of theirs is a recent rebrand of Mareiner Holz,[…]

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MARSTUDIO UPDATE // Potomac Physicians Associates’ Colorful New Branding

by Marstudio Inc.

Potomac Physicians Associates’ colorful new branding is complete! After much deliberation, we have delivered what we think is a very cool, unique new logo design to our client, PPA. Here at Marstudio, we had explored countless options for this new brand and ultimately,[…]

LOGO OF THE WEEK // Happy Halloween! Classic Logos Get Reimagined For The Zombie Apocalypse

by Marstudio Inc.

In the spirit of Halloween, we chose a spooky set of designs for this week’s Logo of the Week. This article from DesignTaxi.com highlights some of the ultra-creative designs from Virginia designer, Igor Ovsyannykov. These famous logos got a Halloween makeover,[…]

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LOGO OF THE WEEK // Bónus Grocery Stores in Iceland

by Marstudio Inc.

Here at Marstudio, we’re starting a weekly post for our favorite logos. Because we are an equal opportunity Facebook Page, we’ll post logos from all different kinds of companies or organizations, and from all over the world. We’ll also explain why we love them.[…]

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Typography Makes All The Difference | Promaneer’s New Logo

by Marstudio Inc.

This week we completed the newly revamped logo for Promaneer, a consulting and management company for commercial real estate. Promaneer came to us with an average-looking logo that looked outdated and that didn’t assert itself. The client wanted to keep the logo icon more or less the same,[…]

Comedy Central Rebrands.

by Sam R.

I was watching Comedy Central this weekend and I noticed that something was a little off. The small logo on the bottom of my TV screen had suddenly changed to a copyright sign. I wondered a little but then it dawned on me that it was the new logo for the network.[…]

Beautiful Design of the Week: August Website

by Marstudio Inc.

August has been featured in a variety of different design blogs and top website design rankings numerous times so we decided to take a closer look and find out how it stands out from its peers and why the design seems so timeless and pleasing.[…]

Beautiful Design of the Week: Veerle’s Blog

by Marstudio Inc.

Here at Marstudio we go gaga over beautiful design. We sift through so many bad designs on a daily basis that when we come across a design that has creativity, a sense of color, austerity of composition and great content to go with all that,[…]