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6 Steps to Rebrand a Product for Selling Online

by Sam R.

Our client, Gemnique, came to us last year looking to rebrand the company. The unique gem wholesaler had been selling their products on Amazon, but they wanted to make their brand compelling enough to sell directly to the consumer through their own website.[…]

new packaging design

New Packaging Design for Union Playing Cards

by Marstudio Inc.

This new packaging design remains true to the company‚Äôs namesake, Union. The rustic, patriotic flavor of this deck is evident in every touch of the design from the outside packaging to the individual cards. See this wonderful Americana look and feel from all angles here.[…]

If you’re going to change the logo…

by Monika Jansen

Sometimes customers get attached to a really great brand with strong design elements. They come to have certain expectations of your business and they associate that with your logo. The downside to this is that sometimes they can get too attached.[…]