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7 Decades of Anonymity is No More for Carmen Herrera.

by Marstudio Inc.

Seven decades of anonymity unravels for Carmen Herrera when she sells her first painting for $50,000. Now every museum and gallery in the world is scrambling to get their hands on her minimalist paintings. She used to paint in peace and enjoy the lifestyle of an anonymous artist but her work is just too good to be kept a secret any longer.[…]

Alexa Meade Making Paintings Come Alive!

by Marstudio Inc.

A few months ago we were privileged enough to be exposed to Alexa Meade‚Äôs incredible art. Eventhough the finished product mesmerized us, we were more blown away by here ingenious and innovative implementation. What she is doing is not that new as far as technique is concerned.[…]

The Revival of Collage by Shepard Fairey

by Marstudio Inc.

Shepard Fairey singlehandedly revived the art of collage by literally plastering it onto the consciousness of the masses. It is always a pleasure to see how he works in his studio to create masterpieces of art and significant social commentary at the same time.[…]