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Here is a hint! It has nothing to do with your product or service. Sign up for your brand consultation today to learn how successful brands dominate the market and grow rapidly even in a sluggish economy.

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Together we can help your brand dominate your market.

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You have spent years building a viable business by creating a good product or service. You have built a reputable market presence and have some good traction within your industry. Overall business is good. But…

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You feel that you are not growing as fast as you like. It seems like you always take two steps forward and one or two steps back.

You push harder to sell more by resorting to hard sell tactics, timed offers, price reductions and many other traditional sales tools. Yet, why is it not working like it used to? Why are people so resistant to decide and buy even though your product or service is what they need?

You start to search for answers.

It’s simple really. Small businesses generally suffer from 7 deadly tactical challenges such as:

  1. Lack of budget, people and time
  2. Lack of proper visibility to generate quality leads
  3. Not being on the proper social media platforms
  4. No consistent branding and marketing
  5. Lack of value-added content
  6. Not keeping up with trends and technology
  7. Not having a trusted marketing partner

These are the challenges that keep a business owner up at night. Especially the number one challenge which has a direct impact on your bottom line. Yet, if you don’t take these challenges head on you may soon join the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics small business failure stats.

20% of U.S. small businesses fail within the first year. Roughly 50% falter after 5 years. Only a third survive to reach 10 years.
In a recent survey conducted by Keap Small Business Marketing Trends Report¹, almost 30% of business professionals responded that they do not have a clear marketing plan. This is a staggering number considering the level of competition American businesses experience daily. 
Only 11% of respondents thought brand awareness was important to their success. Let me repeat that! Only 11% believed that spending money and time on getting their brand out there in the marketplace was important. WOW!


We understand the daily challenges that you as a business professional face because we have walked in your shoes.

From sales to operations, it is a never-ending stream of decisions and tasks that will keep the best of us busy. No wonder none of us have time to invest in marketing plans and brand awareness campaigns.

But…is it sustainable?
It doesn’t have to be that way and you don’t have to break the bank to get help that can transform your business into a market leader. All you need is expert guidance that will help answer your branding and marketing questions and aid you in creating viable plans to execute campaigns that will get your business noticed.
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This is not a new concept, but it is the most overlooked one.
There is a reason top brands and large businesses spend so much money in rendering the services of top consultants and experts in the field of branding and marketing. They are fully aware that it is faster and more cost effective to hire a fractional CMO than to try to spend time to hire a full time one.
At the end of the day what they need is time tested information and expertise to handle immediate branding and marketing challenges and form long term plans to dominate their market.
The question is why can’t you do the same as a small business and thrive like they do?
You certainly can and we have the scalable solutions for you to take advantage of.
Welcome to Marstudio's

Fractional CMO Consultation Pathway™

As an award-winning and experienced corporate branding and strategic advertising firm hyper-focused on expert visual marketing our experts have the experience and the industry knowledge to help you overcome the 7 deadly challenges you face as a small business and WIN!

How do we do it?

We are branding experts at our core and believe that all successful businesses become market leaders for one reason only; they have a strong and consistent brand that projects trust and confidence. 

We have discovered that the secret to a healthy growth depends on how buyers perceive your brand from the outside in. Prospects will judge you by your appearance to see if they are even interested. Buying is 90% visual and only 10% logical. 
It may not be fair, but it is how we are wired to look at our world. We are conditioned to look for faults in anything we want. It is a survival mechanism, and it supersedes any other need that we have as humans.
It will not matter if your product or service is a juggernaut when it comes to producing cash. If it looks inferior to an inferior brand often people tend to go with the option that looks sexier, at least on the surface appears to address their need.

of consumers expressed that they need to trust a brand first before they buy from them.²

So how can you prevent that from happening?

We have created a Brand Strengthening Roadmap™ that allows you to leverage the expertise of our CMO and the rest of our highly sought-after team of Chiefs and Directors to help your brand dominate your market.
Here is how it works:
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Step 1
Sign up for a strategic brand consultation plan today

This will allow you to take advantage of one-on-one CMO sessions (up to two sessions per month) to conduct a comprehensive assessment of every aspect of your brand starting with your logo then expanding the audit to your digital assets such as your website and other online platforms, and end with evaluating all your sales and marketing assets to identify market presence, messaging and visual issues and any brand inconsistencies that is hindering your growth.

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Step 2
Partake in formulating a Brand Strengthening Roadmap™

This collaborative consultative session involves at least one strategy implementation meeting a month with any of our Chiefs designed to help you realize the power of your brand and how it can be optimized to appear as a market leader. We generate a comprehensive brand report and plan out all the tasks needed to transform your brand visualization and messaging in order to ensure it resonates with your target market.

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Step 3
Execute and maintain your market dominance

Our work is not done. Now that we have the blueprint for success, we will help you determine the level of effort needed to execute the Brand Strengthening Roadmap™. Then we provide you with options to have us do it all for you or consult you on the execution of the plan by collaborating with your internal/external marketing department resources.

Why strike out when you can hit a home run?

Schedule your consultation today and let us walk you through your customized plan! There are limited spots available each month so reserve yours today.

What is the Cost of Inaction?

Well, we don’t have to remind you of the business failure rates mentioned earlier.
Strong brands create loyalty, help companies attract and retain talent, drive competitive advantage, and even reduce business risk⁴. In fact, data from a recent industry survey⁵ suggests that on average, brands account for more than 1/3 of shareholder value. This suggests that brands have a direct impact on company earnings.
of consumers make a purchase based on a brand name.³

Why Not Leverage the Power of Your Brand?

Join the distinguished group of large and small businesses and organizations that have leveraged our trusted Elite Chief Marketing Officer Consultation Pathway™ and built thriving brands.

Still not convinced?

Here is a success story that will change your mind.

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When Alstom, a French train manufacturer and energy company at the time, approached us to consult them on the viability of their new high-speed rail brand for Amtrak, we sprang into action and examined their brand from the ground up.
Shortly after our initial assessment we found considerable issues with how their previous French marketing agency had interpreted the US market and its sensibilities.
We generated a full report and consulted them on how to improve their existing brand in order to have better success winning the bid to produce the next generation high-speed trains for Amtrak.
They saw so much value in our consultative approach that they tasked us to execute our recommended plan. We proceeded with creating their refined brand and messaging prior to them engaging Amtrak.
The rest is history. Alstom won the bid valued at $1 billion to produce the next generation of high-speed trains for Amtrak. The return on investment for Alstom was approximately 249,000% (at only 10% attribution to marketing) and that is not a typo.

Together we can help your brand dominate your market.

You already have a great business. Let us help you make sure customers, buyers and investors don’t doubt it for a second.
Schedule your consultation today and let us walk you through your customized plan!
There are limited spots available each month so reserve yours today. 

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