You need at least 8 to 12 touches to yield a 50% conversion rate.

We understand the daily challenges that you as a business professional face because we have been in your shoes. From sales to operations, it is a never-ending stream of decisions and tasks that will keep the best of us busy.

However, we’ve made a discovery that helped us overcome our bandwidth issue. We were so excited about our discovery that we even created a mascot to illustrate the concept better to our clients.

We developed our own Two-headed Kraken. Yes, you heard right! A Two-headed mythical creature with 16 tentacles that yield enormous power and reach.

One head represents you, in this case, our client, and the other represents us.

8 tentacles represent old means of marketing such as TV, Radio, Newspaper, Direct Mail, etc. and the other 8 represent new forms of branding and marketing such as Social Platforms, Email, Online Advertising, SEO and SEM, etc.

Together you will have a marketing force at your disposal that no lead can escape from.

So, Welcome Back, and let the Kraken work for you.

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Marstudio's Two Headed Kraken