Marstudio redesigns and launches Kellogg Conference Hotel’s new reservation system

As part of Marstudio’s full branding strategy for Kellogg Conference Hotel’s website, the reservation page had to fit the look and feel of the rest of the site design. Marstudio’s design and development team got to work on creating a clean and easily navigable design that wouldn’t interfere with the user’s ability to place a reservation quickly, to his or her specifications.

The task of redesigning the reservation process was not an easy one since our development team needed to stay within the customization limitations of the automated system; however, at the end, the transition between Kellogg Conference Hotel’s website and the third party application that serves as the booking engine was seamless. Most hospitality businesses utilize third party reservation systems that are not easily customizable, therefore the task of designing the booking engine’s interface became a delicate procedure in order to make sure that the design would not infringe upon the default functionality of the system.

To view more of Marstudio’s design work for Kellogg Conference Hotel, please visit our portfolio section.

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