Selecting a project delivery system

Is a Traditional Delivery method (Design-Bid-Build) always the best approach? For each proposed delivery method what are the potential fail-points and risks specific to the project? Every process has potential failure modes.

Early detection of latent failure modes is critical so that corrective can be taken before they become more costly during implementation. It requires concerted efforts, experience, and seasoned expertise.

Most consequences of unprepared or disjointed delivery systems manifest during construction because the initial causes were either unattended or were improperly transferred during responsibility transitions. In efforts to mitigate some of these problems layers of insurances are added such as third-party resident engineers, peer reviews, and performance bonds all of which are largely intended to backstop responsibilities and accountability lapses.

The entire delivery system, from preliminary design through close-out, must be well-structured, efficient, and effectual. Identifying the potential fail-points; how should each be prioritized; assessing the probable effects on time and costs; and, managing them comprehensively require a team of cohesive talents—preferably the same team responsible for planning and execution.