The Headquarters Challenge

Promaneer provided the project management services for Hanger Inc.'s corporate headquarters move from Bethesda, MD to Austin, TX overseeing the relocation schedule and budget. Interfacing closely with all of Hanger's internal central operations departments Promaneer forecasted and monitored expenditures for swing-space; employee transition packages and relocation services; new hires; leasehold design and build-out; and, back-end expenses such as remaining lease obligations and subleasing costs. The seamless transfer of all functions was critical for uninterrupted central services to the organization's various business units operating nationwide requiring comprehensive logistics coordination, planning, and phasing for each functional changeover to Austin and subsequent decommissioning in Bethesda.

Promaneer worked closely with department heads and senior managers to organize project requirements, develop responsibility matrices, and track and control costs. Synchronizing the array of activities necessitated exceptional teamwork and constant communication. Additionally, Promaneer prepared and updated project financials for the executive leadership including forecasted cash flows, net cost-savings analyses, and internal return on investment.

GSA Lease

Building Subsystems Recapitalization and Infrastructure Improvements

Promaneer is providing consulting services as part of re-leasing negotiations with the federal government through the General Services Administration. The special-purpose facility was originally constructed as a build-to-suit for leasing to the current government tenant. Now the major building systems are approaching the ends of their useful service life cycles. The tenant's unique operational requirements demand specific expertise and knowledge with specialized building systems' and related technologies. Promaneer has assembled and is managing the team of talents to develop the recapitalization program while also assisting the owner with negotiating applicable lease terms. Adding another layer of complexity to a challenging scope is keeping the facility continuously operational 24-hours a day while all proposed work and systems replacements will be performed.

We are currently in the planning and design phase working with the GSA, design engineers, contractors, and consultants to assess existing conditions, define and detail tenant requirements, develop specifications, and estimate costs and funding requirements. As the project proceeds our role will adapt to construction manager while we continue to provide advisory services for our client on property-level and lease related issues stemming from recapitalization and building performance improvements.


Roof Assembly Modifications and Replacement

As the construction manager for rehabilitating the roof on a multi-tenant retail building in historic downtown Fredericksburg, Promaneer is now working with the owner and property manager to develop and coordinate plans for removing the existing roof in sections to reinforce the structural steel framing and replace the roofing while maintaining tenant occupancy during the work.

The building was originally purposed as a single-occupant retail use. A central boiler and air-handler were in the basement and a condensing unit located on roof rails. Later the building was demised for five lease spaces each with dedicated HVAC rooftop units (RTU). However, the original roof joist framing was not designed to support the added RTU's. The structural elements of the roof will be modified by adding a steel deck over the existing framing members as sections of roofing are removed and then replaced with a new compact roof.

Because the RTU's will have to be temporarily removed in order to perform the structural work, Promaneer is developing temporary HVAC solutions and planning the sequence of work so that tenants can remain open for business during construction.

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