Learn & Soar

by Marstudio Inc.

Who Is Learn & Soar?

Learn & Soar aims to make learning fun and interactive for both students and parents. They work either one-on-one or in small groups so their tutors can observe the students and decide on what learning plan would work best for them.[…]

Anglin Consulting Group

by Marstudio Inc.

Who Is Anglin Consulting Group?

Anglin Consulting Group is an up-and-coming government contracting entity that has carved a niche for itself in the government sector. The consultants are constantly strategizing in order to enhance their clients’ bottom line. They offer services such as various business solutions,[…]

Designing Websites for Older Users

by Marstudio Inc.

The world is changing and as a result, more and more businesses are gearing their marketing approach towards Millennials. That is because now, Millennials are the primary shoppers, but what about businesses that cater to older generations? If you are one of those businesses,[…]

Choosing Fonts that Reflect Your Business

by Sam R.

Your company has a name, a tagline, and you’ve decided on colors. Now here comes the next part: the logo. While the imagery is a big portion of a logo, picking the right font to use in your logo and in assorted branded collateral is critical.[…]

Marstudio Wins Business of the Year

by Marstudio Inc.

On November 7th the Rockville Chamber of Commerce hosted their annual Rockstar Awards ceremony at the Manor Country Club. We were incredibly humbled by the honor of winning Business of the Year, and now, our trophy proudly sits on our shelf for all to see.[…]

InDesign Photoshop

InDesign vs. Photoshop

by Sam R.

When it comes to a Designer’s software, Adobe reigns supreme. However, there are multiple programs within the Adobe umbrella, and each serves its own purpose. Here, we’re breaking down the differences between two of Adobe’s software powerhouses, InDesign and Photoshop.[…]


SEO Still Matters

by Marstudio Inc.

Every once in awhile, fear arises over the idea that SEO is dead. Skeptics gather and claim that everything people know about SEO from the last 30 years is useless, stating a myriad of reasonings to back their claim. But is it true?[…]

Personal Branding

Personal Branding and Your Business

by Sam R.

It’s probably likely that you’ve encountered the phrase “personal branding” in a casual setting. These days, people have interpreted the phrase to be about how one presents themselves in their everyday life. For example, according to this definition, how you define your strengths and characteristics on your resume is part of your personal brand.[…]

How Warner Bros. Used “Immersive Experiences” to Market ‘It: Chapter Two’

by Sam R.

In the world of marketing, the possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to coming up with ways to sell your product. Each approach is unique, and companies have even been able to construct methods to sell products based off sounds and smell alone.[…]