Contracts Development & Negotiation

The universe of terms and phrases in commercial real estate contract documents is so large that definitions are not always consistent, and sometimes a little obscure. The intended meanings can be ambiguous leading to varied interpretations despite the best efforts of the authors. Disputes sometimes arise over the language and its meaning which can ultimately involve attorneys to sort out the implied intent of terms, standards, and references which tend to be based on rather technical presuppositions and principles. It can be expensive and time-consuming.

Fundamentally we strongly believe the goal of contracts is to create comprehensive procedures for each party to solve future encountered issues without costly disputes over terms and provisions. Promaneer has extensive contract development experience providing professional and technical expertise for negotiating and drafting language to mitigate the later potential for disagreements and claims.

As needed we work closely with experienced attorneys specializing in different types of contracts from leases to construction to various P&S agreements. Having negotiated with numerous parties on a variety of settlements and claims’ resolutions we understand the necessary tact and manner in which legally-sensitive issues must be handled.

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