Government Leases

GSA has recently issued its new templates and forms to replace the Tenant Improvement Solicitations for Offers (SFO). This could mean good news for many landlords who have experienced firsthand some of the consequences in protracted scheduling and guesstimate budgeting that were often endured under the former TI SFO leasing process. With the change could also mean an onus to be thoroughly conversant with the reform initiatives, new leasing models, and future lease obligations as the GSA internally assimilates and adapts to these recent revisions.

Negotiating lease terms occasionally necessitates modifying certain provisions or requirements. We know – we’ve been successful negotiating on behalf of owners with the GSA. We translate the lease terms and requirements to dollars and cents so that a responsible lease offer can be developed and both parties can reach satisfactory agreement.

Go to and check code 531120 under NAICS to view opportunities for leasing commercial space to federal agencies.


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