Energy-Efficiencies and
LEED improvements

Energy-Star building ratings or LEED certifications are progressively more recognized by property owners as financially beneficial with reduced operating expenses and increased leasing marketability. More and more tenants are also seeking green buildings as part of their leasing criteria. Operationally, decreased energy consumption through enhanced systems performance is typically an immediate improvement to NOI.

Attaining an Energy-Star rating or LEED certification is sometimes required in order to lease to certain tenants such as federal agencies. The process and documentation can be daunting involving detailed analyses of mechanical and electrical systems, performance data tracking, and modeling.

Our LEED AP (Accredited Professional) staff work directly with engineers and contractors specializing in energy saving solutions to assist you with requirements for obtaining certifications as well as to analyze proposed infrastructure improvements independent of certifying bodies. Simply decreasing energy consumption is sometimes the goal. Evaluating and selecting the right equipment, materials, and design for efficiency solutions matched to your property is the key to making a profitable investment in your building’s infrastructure. Through our experience and resources we can guide you through structured decisions on which options will have the most effective yields.

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