Meet the Marstudio Executive team.

With 50+ years of combined experience across multiple industries and disciplines, we have a balanced, elite, and effective team that will provide your company the innovative marketing and design solutions you need, no matter the industry or company size.  
Shevy | CEO, Chief Marketing Officer & Partner

Shevy Shafie

Chief Marketing Officer & Partner
Shevy is a graduate of University of Maryland, University of Baltimore School of Law, and Institute of Police Science in Washington D.C. Growing up as the son of a businessman, Shevy’s entrepreneurial spirit has always driven him to pursue new and exciting business ventures. He truly enjoys finding solutions that help businesses get off the ground, continue their growth, and maintain their competitive edge. Shevy enjoys being active with the community, he sits on the board of Rebuilding Together Montgomery County and is the Marketing Chair of The Rockville Chamber of Commerce. Shevy is an experienced cross functional C-level executive with outstanding successes in healthcare, and multiple other industries. Complete Profile
Sam | VP, hief Creative Officer & Founder

Sam R.

Chief Creative Officer & Founder
An original founding member and Chief Creative Officer since 2000. Sam blew away the competition at New Jersey Institute of Technology and has worked for the likes of AOL, CoStar Group, Discovery Channel and Network Solutions. Sam was, is, and continues to be the heart of Marstudio and is our lead point of contact for brand strategy and creative direction on every client project. Complete Profile
Annie | Chief Technology Officer

Annie K.

Chief Technology Officer
With a background in graphic design for tech startups, Annie discovered that she enjoys painting with CSS as much as with Photoshop. She now spins words into websites, composing the hidden poetry that brings Marstudio’s designs to clickable life. Although Annie loves to breathe elegant functionality into beautiful form, she’s skeptical that “if you build it, they will come.” So after creating an online presence worth finding, she leads the Marstudio team on a mission to make sure it gets found – combining strategic experience with the best in digital marketing technology.
Nicole | Communications Director

Nicole G.

Chief Communications Officer
Nicole blends her academic career and digital marketing experience to bring a wealth of knowledge to the Chief Communications Officer role. Her degree in Mass Communications and Marketing gives the expertise needed to find cutting-edge and creative ways to facilitate both internal and external communications. Through efficiency, creativity, and innovation, Nicole is always finding new answers to the ever-present question: “How can we be doing this better?”
Lynn | Communications Director

Lynn M.

Communications Director
Looking for a challenge, Lynn went from studying French to earning a B.A. and M.A. in Russian. She utilized her language proficiency and organizational skills to manage projects for Berlitz, the International Monetary Fund and others. She went back to school for and worked in event management and for the last several years has focused on the marketing and communications in education. Her experience working with all kinds of people from around the globe is a desirable asset in her role facilitating external and internal communications. On your campaign, Lynn will serve as an extra set of eyes and ears making sure your campaign is on the correct strategic path to meet your marketing needs and help your business grow.
Steph | Marketing Director

Steph B.

Marketing Director
Steph combines her efficiency, hard work and people skills with a strong academic background in healthcare. Her goal is to really listen to what our clients would like accomplished for their marketing needs and see it to fruition. She has a passion for working with the public and advocating for them and has done so for over 10 years. Steph has brought a fresh voice and a new perspective to our marketing team. Her effective and personable communication skills assist in client and vendor relations alike, driving new business development.
Brittany | Art Director

Brittany S.

Art Director
Brittany has been in love with art and design since the day she picked up her first crayon. Brittany studied psychology at North Carolina Central University, and afterwards began a career of working with children with special needs. She switched gears to pursue her lifelong dream of being a professional artist, studying graphic design at Montgomery College in Maryland. On your projects, Brittany will be implementing the creative direction and design. She will work with you and her team to ensure that all design concepts are executed with precision, exemplifying creative and intelligent design that effectively communicates your message.
Olga | Development Director

Olga K.

Development Director
Shortly after receiving her B.A. of Psychology from the University of Maryland, Olga discovered that the technical challenges of web design and development were a better fit for her creative spirit. Powered by a never-ending quest to find out how things work, Olga combines her technical savviness with a love of art and a passion for building things. She lives by the art of code, finding creative solutions and bringing designs to life out of the building blocks of code.
Edlin | Studio Director

Edlin F.

Studio Director
With a B.A. in Business Administration and Associates in Photography, Edlin brings a unique combination of skills. She has a great understanding in the financial/operational aspect of Marstudio as well as communicating with clients and vendors. She works closely with vendors in coordinating the production of marketing collateral for our clients.
Debar | Content Director

Debar A.

Content Director
Curate, create, collect, and customize. As Debar collects the correct combinations, he turns letters into words, words into sentences, and sentences into sales. As nouns, verbs, and adjectives run around on the jungle gym in his mind, technical knowledge and creativity playfully seesaw, while his B.S. in Marketing & Information System chaperones. This family of skill works to help give your brand the voice that it needs to succeed and then to supersede.
Mary | Production Director

Mary H.

Production Director
With a BFA in Illustration, Mary blends her traditional illustration background with an eye for detail and forward-thinking design sensibilities. As Production Director, she will ensure that every one of your projects meets Marstudio’s high design standards. She guides the production process of each project to completion, making sure your deliverables are of the highest quality and error-free.
Joel | Videography Director

Joel B.

Videography Director
Joel’s passion for videography began while shooting amateur videos with school friends. He now uses that passion to produce everything from social media to corporate overview videos. With experience creating videos for mom & pops to Fortune 500 companies, Joel’s originality and creativity are scalable across all industries and can bring any brand to life. His background in music production allows Joel to combine audio and visuals to produce seamless videos.
Michael C. | Photography Director

Michael C.

Photography Director
Michael brings a little light to every situation, with his role as Photography Director. Using honesty, respect, and organizational skills, he is able to create a well-lit atmosphere. Having graduated with a BFA in Photography, he uses his artistic skill in a well-blended manner when working with client projects. Michael will make sure every project shines.