Marstudio Client Campaigns

Marstudio works with a diverse group of companies such as yours that inspire creative and professional branding and marketing campaigns. We are firm believers of continuum of branding and invest great time and effort to make sure all of your sales and marketing collateral look uniform and on message, from print to web and beyond. Consistency is key to ensure your outreach efforts appear cohesive which will help increase your conversion rates and boost your business’s bottom line.

Don Pollo | Logo

Don Pollo

Don Pollo approached Marstudio with a complex challenge. They were competing with another fast casual restaurant with the same name. They did not want to change their name and lose all their brand equity they had built over the years. So we helped them rebrand and create a clear distinction between their brand and the other Don Pollo. This rebranding initiative has had a positive impact on their customer base and helped them easily stand out. Now there is no confusion which is the real Don Pollo in their community.

The Big Greek Cafe | Logo Design

The Big Greek Cafe

The Big Greek Cafe approached Marstudio at a time where the future was very uncertain. They were in desperate need of a refreshed brand to signal that they were still viable and relevant. Marstudio took on that challenge and delivered a refined brand that then translated into a visual tapestry across all of their physical and digital collateral. By implementing our signature visual menu for their newly redesigned website they have seen an increased interest in some of their dishes that did not have traction with their customer base, and they are enjoying a healthy growth.

Ayoub N&H

When Ayoub N&H approached Marstudio they had a challenge. They were battling market perception issues as a result of other businesses with the same name operating in their geographical area. They tasked Marstudio to create a brand from the ground up so that they could stand tall among their competitors and make sure their customers knew the difference. And we did deliver. We have created a unique brand that has endured and allowed them to carve out a sizable marketshare in their extended community.

Marstudio 21st Century Expo camp

21st Century Expo Group

When 21st Century approached Marstudio they were already enjoying a healthy growth. However, they were realizing that their brand was no longer keeping up with the fast paced world of exhibit design and management. We set on a collaboration journey to rebrand the company and infuse much needed vitality and vibrancy into their brand. The new colorful logo now represent all the facets of 21st Century’s capabilities and also distinguishes them as one of the leaders of their industry.

Story Tapestries | Logo

Story Tapestries

Story Tapestries is focused on empowering children and adults to integrate the arts into their everyday lives. For a brand so focused on the arts, it was important that they find a company who could not only match their enthusiasm for creative endeavors but accurately portray their branding. Marstudio was that company, creating an intricate and colorful flyer, website design, and print collateral.

iLive Healthcare | Logo

iLive Healthcare

iLive Healthcare provides home health care services to seniors, children, and adults of all ages. With their unique offerings and approach to at-home health care, iLive needed marketing and branding that reflected their use of top technology alongside dedicated care. We strategically combined these ideas through a new logo and colors, along with their marketing imagery that reflected care and tech.

Talex | Logo


TalEx is a modern and fast-growing talent agency. They have a “think-outside-the-box” culture, which is reflected in their logo. We built upon this idea that was already ingrained within their company, and added it into their marketing outreach including a pitch deck, business cards, email signatures, and a refreshed online presence through a new website.

Enhesa | Logo Design


Enhesa is the market leader in global environmental, health and safety compliance assurance providing support to businesses worldwide. Marstudio had the pleasure of rebranding Enhesa and collaborating with their team on marketing and web presence strategies. We created a whole new corporate identity for Enhesa and applied it to a wide array of marketing initiatives including sales collateral, a new website, signage and trade show displays, and more.

Medmarc | Logo Design


Medmarc came to Marstudio with a few small design projects. They were so satisfied with the result that they commissioned Marstudio to take on the redesign of their entire corporate website and all of their marketing collateral. Marstudio created a whole new color palette and brand identity based on their existing one, and completely reshaped their corporate image by creating a series of contemporary designs to make Medmarc a strong presence in the life sciences insurance industry.

iSee Case

iSee Case

Milestone Distribution is a manufacturer and distributor of unique smartphone protective cases, that approached Marstudio to design a fun, new brand for their new line of products. The unusual nature of their products set the stage for a very exciting brand exploration and design which led to a full branding campaign including a brochure, product packaging, website, trade show banners and other marketing collateral.

Synergy Design & Consulting | Logo Design

Synergy Design & Consulting

Synergy D&C, a Virginia-based design and construction startup, asked Marstudio to create their full branding and website. Synergy D&C was looking for a sleek and clean design to reflect their streamlined approach. Marstudio got to work designing trade show banners, folders, and other print materials that exemplified the sophisticated atmosphere and work of this talented, hard-working team.

PizzaSalad | Logo Design


PizzaSalad approached Marstudio as a startup with a big idea. A California-based restaurant featuring an entirely organic menu, PizzaSalad wanted a branding and website strategy that would strengthen its name and message. Marstudio succeeded in turning the vision of this Earth-conscious startup into a reality with tempting imagery (images on the home page rotate on refresh), bold calls to action, intuitive navigation, and mission-directed content.