Marstudio Branding Portfolio

At Marstudio we are strategic branding experts. Through our comprehensive research process, we create unique visual brands for each of our clients. We provide you a visually pleasing and recognizable foundation to build your company’s image on and use across your multiple marketing initiatives. We invest ample time identifying your target demographic in order to create logos that resonate with them, hence helping distinguish your business from your competition.

The Cummings Foundation

The Cummings Foundation is dedicated to advancing behavioral healthcare through research, education and service. When they approached Marstudio for a rebrand we soon realized that their old logo had some merit and visual equity that we wanted to preserve. So the original shield iconography was retained to represent the armed forces which is their main target demographic. In the center there is an abstract human figure which also doubles as the greek letter Psi which represent their three pronged approach.

Rockville Chamber of Commerce

Rockville is Marstudio’s home. So when the Chamber of Commerce gave us the honor to design their new logo we did not hold back. Their new brand reflects their strong desire to connect the business and local community and act as a bridge to ensure both thrive. The letter “R” is formed from three thick lines. The blue lines represent the business and the community. The red line in the center is the Chamber bridging the gap. Fun fact: The red line also doubles as Metro’s Red Line which passes through Rockville.

Innotech Pest Management

InnoTech is one of the fastest-growing full-service residential and commercial pest management companies in Jacksonville and surrounding metropolitan areas. This was a new brand from inception, yet it was rooted in the history of the owners. They used to have another pest management company with similar design aesthetics and they wanted to recreate the magic once again in the Florida. So we designed a logo that pays homage to the old brand and places a pest in their crosshairs.


ACT I is an industry-leading provider of mission-critical solutions across the Aviation, Homeland Security, Business Technologies, and Intel Solutions markets. And their old logo was not accurately representing their rapid growth. So we sprung into action and leveraged their old logo, an upward facing arrow, to create a new monogram that showcases their global reach and emphasizes their strong aviation capabilities. Fun fact: The axis of the globe icon is the exact same angle as the earth’s axis.

Global Investigative Services

Global Investigative Services has been serving and assisting businesses, agencies, and institutions with background checks and screening processes since 1993. And their old brand was holding them back. So together we set out to change that and created a new and dynamic monogram that represents an abstract letter “G” which is formed from a combination of circles. These circles represent all the data points they collect as part of their background check process.

Firefighters Cancer Support Network

Since its founding in 2005, FCSN has been all about providing assistance and support to cancer-stricken firefighters and their families. When they engaged Marstudio for a brand refresh project they were clear that they needed to maintain their original brand but refine it so that showcased their growth and new direction. So we honored that request and designed a logo that stayed true to the original but took it to another level. Their new sophisticated color palette helps elevate their brand awareness.

Don Pollo

Don Pollo is one of the most famous local fast casual restaurants in the DC metro area. When they approached Marstudio for a brand refresh they wanted to distinguish themselves from other Don Pollo restaurants in the area and become the official one. We sprung into action by building upon their existing brand and designed a new and exciting monogram that illustrates a rotisserie chicken within the letter “D” that also doubles as the opening to a charcoal oven. Now that is delicious!

Digital Industry

For nearly 20 years, Digital Industry has provided technology services to hundreds of businesses in the DC metropolitan area. However, their old brand did not accurately represent their forward thinking approach and advanced technology. Marstudio designed a new dynamic brand for them that is rooted in their history. Their new monogram is formed from an abstract letter “D” and in the center there is sideways letter “i” which represents information technology. Together they form the new Digital Industry’s cutting edge brand.

Business & Legal Advisors

Business and Legal Advisors is a business consulting firm. When they approached Marstudio for a brand refresh they were experiencing classic signs of brand fatigue. They wanted to transform their image and portray a progressive industry leading consulting firm. Marstudio took on that challenge and delivered an on point brand that combined their vision and their client’s vision to form a forward thinking strategy, hence the dual upward arrow.

Aithos Sports

Aithos Sports brings innovation to the fitness industry, combining resistance and an athletic shoe to give their customers a new dynamic challenge to their daily routine. When Aithos approached Marstudio they already had a brand but it was not representing their vision properly. In our effort to capture the essence of their mission which is reaching ones peak we designed a logo that is an abstract letter A doubling as a mountain peak. The logo also represent an upward arrow to showcase reaching peak performance.

Capital Brand Group

Capital Brand Group is an established construction management firm in the government sector. However, their brand did not reflect the size of the projects that they engaged in. Marstudio was tasked with creating a brand that instantly presented the company as a powerhouse within its respective field. The new brand is strong, dynamic, and professional. It presents Capital Brand Group as a leader in construction management and engineering, effectively helping them command trust from government agencies they approach and establish a strong, capable presence right from the start. 


When WeCare Private Duty Services approached Marstudio they already had a viable business. However, they were facing client acquisition challenges as a result of their old brand. Their old brand did not accurately represent their forward-thinking nature and exceptional service record. We went to work to change that perception. The new logo was carefully designed to leverage their existing brand visual elements but refine it. We went through multiple iterations but the last concept hit all the right notes. It showcased their white-glove service and also highlighted their caregivers via the depiction of the star within the logo.