Marstudio Print Portfolio

Whether it is for your trade show, networking event, or bus ad, Marstudio has a diverse print design portfolio and print marketing collateral. Explore the many different executions of client’s brands across eye-catching flyers, professional business cards, crisp looking brochures, and many other print marketing projects that have yielded optimum results.

Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Foundation approached Marstudio to refine their VIP Golf Tournament printed collateral. They already had an established look and did not depart from what their audience had been exposed to for years. However, they were open to refining their collateral to ensure that they project a forward-thinking entity that invests in their marketing outreach as much as they invest in conducting a robust event.

Malbaie Solutions business card

Malbaie Solutions

Malbaie Solutions approached Marstudio for assistance in refining their brand and all associated digital assets. We went to work and elevated their existing brand by fine-tuning their monogram and typeface. Then we selected more harmonious colors to improve their color palette. Once that was complete, we turned our attention to refining their digital collateral and designed their corporate identity, capability statement, and created custom iconography for their web and print usage. The final result has allowed Malbaie Solutions to accurately present itself as the capable GovCon technology firm that they are.

Big Greek Cafe | PRINT

The Big Greek Cafe

The Big Greek Cafe tasked Marstudio with revamping their print material and design new collateral. We engaged in creating new designs for their print menu, window decals, food truck menu and many other instore items. The designs were inspired by the newly updated brand. Leveraging their new brand colors and elements we have managed to design a fresh look and feel for this fast-growing local chain.

WeCare | print


Once the branding exercise was completed we turned our attention to refining WeCare’s corporate identity and marketing collateral. We created a unique design language and propagated that through their digital and print assets. Now they benefit from a cohesive and professional look across all of their marketing materials. The design leverages its brand new color palette that is vibrant and unique.

Image of business card design for Automotive Enthusiast

Automotive Enthusiast

Automotive Enthusiast’s website was a labor of love both for the owner of the business and for Marstudio. Our founder is an avid car enthusiast and designing a website that was dedicated to car enthusiast was a dream come true. The site benefits from a robust WordPress content management system with all the bells and whistles of Elementor. The design is simple, crisp and striking. The content is short and to the point. After all, it is all about cars and car enthusiasts.

Flik Mid-Atlantic Group

Flik Mid-Atlantic Group

Flik Mid-Atlantic Group was formed under the premise of combing the collective powers of their regional conference centers and presenting them in a unified fashion. So, Marstudio helped create a comprehensive brochure that showcased each property and all they had to offer. Then, we turned our focus onto creating a website that would work similarly, allowing them to continually add new properties to the site and gain all-around exposure for each.

21st Century Expo Business Cards

21st Century Expo Group

When 21st Century approached Marstudio they were already enjoying a healthy growth. However, they were realizing that their brand was no longer keeping up with the fast paced world of exhibit design and management. We set on a collaboration journey to rebrand the company and infuse much needed vitality and vibrancy into their brand. The new colorful logo now represent all the facets of 21st Century’s capabilities and also distinguishes them as one of the leaders of their industry.

RCC Print

Rockville Chamber or Commerce

In short, the Rockville Chamber of Commerce’s branding initiative was a designer’s dream come true. Their icon is comprised of several strong conceptual elements, each symbolic of their rich history and ties. Their color palette was influenced by the City of Rockville’s flag while the design elements of the flag were representative of the Chamber’s vital role in the community. This was a brand that told a story and simultaneously honored the roots which it came from. Overall, the brand initiative was a strong campaign that has established the Rockville Chamber of Commerce as a regional force.

Flow Print


When FLOW Utility Management approached Marstudio, they were interested in a brand refresh. However, after they were presented with new options, they opted for a complete rebrand of the organization instead. Marstudio was tasked with creating all-new web and printed materials based on their exciting new look. Our team leveraged their new colors and iconography to create a unique website and additional marketing collateral that heavily appeal to their target audience.

Ace of Events | Print Materials

Ace of Events

Ace of Events is known for creating elaborate productions for their clients. However, their printed material did not accurately portray their flair for the extravagant. So, Marstudio embarked on a redesign effort which introduced some much-needed color to their black and white brand. Injecting a stream of vibrancy and personality into all of their branded materials, we were able to make their collateral stand out.

Celestial Fire Glass Products

Celestial Fire Glass

Celestial Fire Glass’ print collateral needed to reflect the range of colors that their products had. As part of their branding initiative, we had created an expansive and dynamic color palette. So, we leveraged that in order to craft a series of vibrant and relevant printed materials which would resonate with their specific target demographic.

LPP Law | Print Materials


For LPP Law, the print material needed had to reflect the client’s personality and the exuberance of her profession. Marstudio was very cognizant of the industry she represented and worked diligently to create designs that not only embodied the client’s preferences but also set her apart from her competition.