Marstudio Print Portfolio

Whether it is for your trade show, networking event, or bus ad, Marstudio has a diverse print design portfolio and print marketing collateral. Explore the many different executions of client’s brands across eye-catching flyers, professional business cards, crisp looking brochures, and many other print marketing projects that have yielded optimum results.

Ace of Events

Ace of Events is known for creating elaborate productions for their clients. However, their printed material did not accurately portray their flair for the extravagant. So, Marstudio embarked on a redesign effort which introduced some much-needed color to their black and white brand. Injecting a stream of vibrancy and personality into all of their branded materials, we were able to make their collateral stand out.

Celestial Fire Glass

Celestial Fire Glass’ print collateral needed to reflect the range of colors that their products had. As part of their branding initiative, we had created an expansive and dynamic color palette. So, we leveraged that in order to craft a series of vibrant and relevant printed materials which would resonate with their specific target demographic.


For LPP Law, the print material needed had to reflect the client’s personality and the exuberance of her profession. Marstudio was very cognizant of the industry she represented and worked diligently to create designs that not only embodied the client’s preferences but also set her apart from her competition.


In order to address the needs of the government contracting sector, Marstudio created the GovMar division. More specifically, GovMar caters to the branding and marketing needs of government contracting businesses. We invested in a relevant name, viable logo, and a uniquely designed capabilities statement flyer in order to ensure that each of our value propositions was effectively conveyed to our target demographic.

Performance Sports System

Performance Sports Systems approached Marstudio with a task: to design shirts that reflected the intensity and drive of their CrossFit division. So, we went to work and created a set of vibrant, high energy designs to reflect the client’s sensibilities. The T-Shirts were a hit and some of the designs created for the fabric application even made it into their print and digital marketing collateral.


As a compliance regulatory information provider, Enhesa supplies information pertaining to a number of industries that need to be conveyed without putting emphasis on one over the other. Marstudio designed a brochure that highlighted the content rather than the industry itself. Relying on subject-specific iconography and alluring type treatment, we were successfully able to design a brochure that spoke to a multitude of industries.


LendSolid provides mortgage lending services, putting an emphasis on helping people through donated profits and their customer service approach. When they came to Marstudio, LendSolid needed branding and marketing which reflected their unique and heartfelt approach to their business. We provided them with a new branding, corporate identity, website, print collateral, and social media approach that would reflect their warm and down-to-earth persona while still portraying them as skilled and dedicated professionals.

Anglin Consulting Group

Anglin Consulting Group is an up-and-coming government contracting entity that had already carved a niche for itself, but their logo didn’t reflect them accurately. They needed to appear as an experienced group with a strong presence. We embarked on a rebranding initiative that strongly centered around the company name. The new logo takes the shape of the letter “A” and is designed to look both like a compass and protractor. The color combination inspired trust and confidence. Overall, the new brand was successful, helping Anglin command the high-profile presence it needed.

iHealth Innovative Solutions

Marstudio was tasked to create marketing collateral that accurately showcased the bountiful capabilities of iHealth Innovative Solutions. The company benefited from a strong brand, but their sales tools did not leverage the brand effectively. Marstudio utilized the brand elements effectively and designed marketing collateral which allowed the company to present itself as a leading provider of health information, technology, and more.

Capital Brand Group

Capital Brand Group is an established construction management firm in the government sector. However, their brand did not reflect the size of the projects that they were engaged in. Marstudio was tasked to create a brand that instantly presented the company as a powerhouse within its respective field. The new brand is strong, dynamic, and professional. It instantly presents Capital Brand Group as the leader in construction management and engineering, effectively helping them command the trust of the government agencies they approach and establish an strong and capable presence right from the start.

Eastern Title & Settlement

When Eastern Title & Settlement approached Marstudio they already had a strong presence in the community. However, their efforts were neither focused nor cohesive. Marstudio implemented a brand refresh initiative that has helped refocus the company’s marketing efforts. Now, all of their collateral is unified, and their reach has been fine-tuned so that no matter what medium is used, the end user will clearly know who is communicating with them. This effort was a success and as a result, Eastern Title & Settlement was able to establish en ever stronger presence in their market, asserting their place as one of the leaders in their respective industry.

Rockville Chamber of Commerce

The Rockville Chamber of Commerce’s branding initiative was a designer’s dream. Their icon was comprised of multiple strong conceptual elements, all tied to the chamber’s history and the community they serve. With colors influenced by Rockville’s flag, the blue stripes represented the community and the businesses within, while the red stripe in the middle represented the chamber acting as a bridge between the two. In short, this strong brand campaign was essential in helping the Rockville Chamber of Commerce establish itself as a regional force amongst other chambers.