Marstudio Website Design Portfolio

Marstudio has a rich web design portfolio. As a highly experienced website design and development company, we create professional, unique, and eye-catching websites that lead to high SEO rankings, increased brand recall, and substantial rise in your customer conversion rates. Explore our web portfolio below.

Ace of Events

Ace of Events has garnered a reputation for crafting elegant and grandiose events. However, their web presence was rather bland. So, Marstudio went to work, combining swatches of vibrant colors with exciting imagery and language. In the end, their website was a much better reflection of their lavish and exorbitant business.

Anglin Consulting Group

Anglin Consulting Group is a great example of what a rebranding initiative can help an organization achieve when it is done right. Since launching their new brand, they have been working with Marstudio to systematically produce new and exciting marketing and sales collateral. In doing so, not only has Anglin Consulting Group set themselves apart from their competition, but it allowed them to command a much stronger presence in their respective field.

Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce

As a member of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, the Marstudio team was delighted to take on the redesign of their website. MCCC needed a website that was as member and business focused as them. We designed a professional, modern, and user-friendly website content that connected to various audiences of the chamber services. We ensured the graphics and content impacted MCCC’s audience, emphasizing the key messages about the value of being an MCCC member. The result is a website that is visually magnificent and puts the user first with improved site architecture and content. Visit the live MCCC website.


A&S is a natural stone and tile company. They wanted a website redesign that put more focus on their B2C A&S Home division, and gave their Commercial division a refined but simple web presence. Using the split branding we created for them, we designed a website that reflects this branding – creating a more UI/UX for their updated web presence that is informative, unique, and a reflection of their quality of craftsmanship.


Enhesa is the market leader in global environmental, health and safety compliance assurance providing support to businesses worldwide. Marstudio made comprehensive changes to the structure and functionality of Enhesa’s original website, making the website easier to navigate and more visually appealing. Marstudio also designed custom graphics to represent each category of Enhesa’s long list of services. Visit the live Enhesa website.

GrandCare Health Services

GrandCare Health Services has been a recognized leader in the provision of healthcare services at home in Southern California for over a decade. GrandCare’s services include home health care, palliative and hospice services, and caregiving services. A longtime client of ours, GrandCare trusted us with a complete website redesign and development to bring their web presence in line with their other marketing initiatives and overall brand presence. The result is a refined, beautiful, and user-friendly experience. Visit the live GrandCare Health Services website

Performance Sport Systems

Performance Sport Systems is a premier sports training organization offering classes, camps, clinics, leagues and more at their facility in Gaithersburg, MD. Marstudio worked with PSS to redesign their website to showcase their organization through fun, modern graphics and colors. The resulting website is both visually stunning and provides a streamlined user experience thanks to improved navigation, content, and functionality.

Mayorga Organics

Mayorga Organics is a nationally recognized distributor of organic coffee and foods who is committed to increasing the standard of living of farmers across the globe. Marstudio designed and developed a beautiful new website that reflects the company’s values and mission. The design benefits from an intricate grunge look that envelops every visual element of the site. This creates a high-impact first impression that immediately engages the viewer. The website was built on a strong SEO foundation and is a great tool to involve viewers with Mayorga’s social cause (and sell their products of course!). Visit the live Mayorga Organics website.

Bethesda Family Therapy

Bethesda Family Therapy’s mission is to help struggling individuals, families and even couples. Marstudio helped them by creating a beautiful, clean website layout that is remindful of Bethesda Family therapy’s values. The website’s fresh and soothing tones reflect the comfort and support that Bethesda Family Therapy can offer you. Visit the live Bethesda Family Therapy website.

CrossFit Hardshells

If you want to get in shape, whether it’s to lose weight or just for athletic activity, Crossfit Hardshells is the right place for you. To effectively transmit the idea of fitness and sports, Marstudio created a dynamic website for Crossfit Hardshells with vibrant colors that are just calling your name and that will ultimately put you into fitness mode. Visit the live CrossFit Hardshells website.

FirstTeam VIP Health Services

FirstTeam is a professional team of nurses, therapists, caregivers and concierge associates entirely dedicated to your care and well-being whenever you need it. For their website, Marstudio opted to represent the extraordinary FirstTeam company with a clean, airy website design with beautiful and crisp images that stretch across the page. This fresh and accessible layout lets you easily navigate through the whole website.

Ganti Advisors

Ganti Advisors LLC is a company that provides financial services for law firms, banks, private equity firms, and other organizations. The website we created combines different shades of grey and black and white images topped off with pops of teal blue, making for an elegant and sophisticated design which ultimately reflects Ganti Advisors’ integrity and quality of work.