Marstudio Website Design Portfolio

Marstudio has a rich web design portfolio. As a highly experienced website design and development company, we create professional, unique, and eye-catching websites that lead to high SEO rankings, increased brand recall, and substantial rise in your customer conversion rates. Explore our web portfolio below.

Capital Brand Group

Capital Brand Group already had a web presence. Yet after going through a rebranding initiative, it was necessary to update their website to reflect the new brand direction. As part of their website redesign project, Marstudio made sure to create a modern and fresh look to set them apart from their competitors.  


Once the branding exercise was completed and a new brand visual language was established we went to work to create all of WeCare’s digital and web assets. The main project in this category was their website. We carefully crafted an efficient site architecture and created marketing messaging and visuals that presented them in the best light. This new online presence has carried over to their email design and social media platforms creating a very cohesive and vibrant look and feel that instills confidence in their ability to perform their duties exceptionally well.


Lexical Intelligence approached Marstudio to take on the challenge of creating a product name, brand, and web presence for their AI platform. We took on that challenge and Safinia was born. It is a beautiful, simple, and to the point website that introduces this new language learning platform to the world. Visit the live Safinia website.

Automotive Enthusiast

Automotive Enthusiast’s website was a labor of love both for the owner of the business and for Marstudio. Our founder is an avid car enthusiast and designing a website that was dedicated to car enthusiast was a dream come true. The site benefits from a robust WordPress content management system with all the bells and whistles of Elementor. The design is simple, crisp and striking. The content is short and to the point. After all, it is all about cars and car enthusiasts. Visit the live Automotive Enthusiast website.

Knight Center

The Charles F. Knight Center was transitioning from their previous management company to Flik Mid-Atlantic Group and they engaged Marstudio to design and develop a new website for their conference center located on the grounds of Washington University in St. Louis. The previous website was on a TravelClick template and did not provide much customization options. We went to work and designed a fully customized website design that highlights the center’s state of the art features and their commitment to excellence. Visit the live Knight Center website.


Washington Adventist University faced a huge challenge. Their website was out of date, it was not ADA compliant, and the user experience was not optimal. Marstudio took on this massive challenge and delivered a website that is one of the most compliant university websites in United States. The design is beautiful and the development is state of the art. It leverages WordPress’ Gutenberg platform that offers the most compliant features and accessible technology. Visit the live WAU website.

Flik Conference Centers & Hotels

Flik Conference Centers & Hotels was formed under the premise of combing the collective powers of their regional conference centers and presenting them in a unified fashion. So, Marstudio helped create a comprehensive brochure that showcased each property and all they had to offer. Then, we turned our focus onto creating a website that would work similarly, allowing them to continually add new properties to the site and gain all-around exposure for each. Visit the live Flik Conference Centers & Hotels website.

21st Century Expo Group

When 21st Century approached Marstudio they were already enjoying a healthy growth. However, they were realizing that their brand was no longer keeping up with the fast paced world of exhibit design and management. We set on a collaboration journey to rebrand the company and infuse much needed vitality and vibrancy into their brand. The new colorful logo now represent all the facets of 21st Century’s capabilities and also distinguishes them as one of the leaders of their industry. Visit the live 21st Century Expo Group website.


When Credible, Inc. engaged Marstudio for their website’s redesign, they were already facing challenges. For example, they did not have full editing access to their existing website. Their content was not relevant and it did not address the needs of their partners. Marstudio sprung into action, designing a completely new website from the ground up. In addition, we created a new style for Credible that clearly set them apart from their competitors. Visit the live Credible website.

Learn & Soar

Learn & Soar approached Marstudio for an all-around branding initiative. Once the brand was selected, we turned our attention to their website design and created a vibrant and unique design that showcased their versatility and professionalism in their respective field of education. The website employs visual elements from established educational tools and creates a sophisticated and fun layout for their audience to engage with while receiving the information they need. Visit the live Learn & Soar website.


When FLOW Utility Management approached Marstudio, they were interested in a brand refresh. However, after they were presented with new options, they opted for a complete rebrand of the organization instead. Marstudio was tasked with creating all-new web and printed materials based on their exciting new look. Our team leveraged their new colors and iconography to create a unique website and additional marketing collateral that heavily appeal to their target audience. Visit the live Flow website.

Ace of Events

Ace of Events has garnered a reputation for crafting elegant and grandiose events. However, their web presence was rather bland. So, Marstudio went to work, combining swatches of vibrant colors with exciting imagery and language. In the end, their website was a much better reflection of their lavish and exorbitant business. Visit the live Ace of Events website.