Marstudio Website Design Portfolio

Marstudio has a rich web design portfolio. As a highly experienced website design and development company, we create professional, unique, and eye-catching websites that lead to high SEO rankings, increased brand recall, and substantial rise in your customer conversion rates. Explore our web portfolio below.

Criosho | WEB


Criosho engaged Marstudio with a delicious idea to bring Argentinian Street food to the US market. Chef Matias has put his twist on popular dishes served on the streets of Argentina and asked Marstudio to design a website that would bring his idea to life. Our design leverages Criosho’s newly redesigned logo, also designed by Marstudio, and incorporates the rustic feel of the streets and the food into the style. Inspired by the colors used in street signs of Argentina we also created a warm and inviting palette to ensure the users have a fun and engaging experience when interacting with the website and it’s content. Visit their new website here.

Ayoub N&H | WEB

Ayoub N&H

Ayoub N&H tasked Marstudio with a website redesign project to enhance their web presence to compete better with their immediate local competitors. We had designed their website a few years back and eventhough it was still viable and functional, it was not reflecting their growing business. Their new website is more versatile, streamlined and technologically advanced to help their clients better engage with their services and find the products they are looking for easier. Visit their new website here.

Celestial Fire Glass | Thumbnail

Celestial Fire Glass

The fire glass industry is flooded with mediocre products and packaging. Celestial Fire Glass was determined to change that. That is why Marstudio was tasked to design a website that accurately showcased the top quality of their fire glass and burners. The website benefits from an e-commerce engine that allows the user to purchase the product directly from the website. The customers can also get all the support they need through their robust resources section enhanced by amazing videos and step by step instructions. You can visit the website here.

The Holdsworth Center | Campus on Lake Austin

The Campus on Lake Austin was designed to facilitate learning and collaboration, reflection and personal growth. Their website needed to reflect those values. In a long and fruitful collaboration with The Campus on Lake Austin we managed to design and develop a website and showcased the beauty of this new conference center but also helped increase the profile of the Holdsworth Center for Learning. You can visit The Campus on Lake Austin Website here.


When CTS approached Marstudio they were a successful logistics company despite having no online presence. We set out to change that and help them promote their exceptional service with a forward thinking website that not only put them on the map but helped solidify their dominating presence in the logistics marketplace.

Malbaie Solutions webpage

Malbaie Solutions

Malbaie Solutions approached Marstudio to have their website redesigned. As our first task, we created an intuitive site architecture and collaborated with Malbaie Solutions to refine their content architecture. Once the content was solidified, we turned our attention to the site design. They were looking to have a very simple and clean look. They also favored abstract concepts as opposed to stock imagery. Together we have created a unique web experience that sets them apart from their GovCon competition.

Big Greek Cafe | WEB

The Big Greek Cafe

The Big Greek Cafe needed to revamp their website and put Marstudio up to the challenge. Their old look did not effectively represent their Greek food and heritage. At The Big Greek Cafe, they believe that relationships, family, and community are built around sharing delicious meals. So, we went to work and ensured that those delicious meals were placed front and center. The old navigation made it extremely hard for their customers to find the information they required. Marstudio took on the project and designed a very simple, clean, and unique website that showcases their delicious food.

Adventure Theatre | Website

Adventure Theatre

Adventure Theatre approached Marstudio to redesign and develop their new website. It was a complicated web design and build effort because of the nature of their services and the large audience that they cater to. So we went to work and created a unique web experience that not only sets them apart from their local competitors but puts them in the same category as national performing art organizations.


Rebuilding Together Montgomery County

Rebuilding Together Montgomery County was a pro bono project that Marstudio was proud to be part of. They help rebuild people’s homes and we enjoyed contributing to that effort via our marketing, branding, graphic design, and web development services. The following work represents over three years of collaboration and it helped RTMC gain more awareness in the community and raise more funds to be able to help more MoCo residents in need.

CBC | Web

Capital Brand Group

Capital Brand Group already had a web presence. Yet after going through a rebranding initiative, it was necessary to update their website to reflect the new brand direction. As part of their website redesign project, Marstudio made sure to create a modern and fresh look to set them apart from their competitors.  

WeCare Webpage


Once the branding exercise was completed and a new brand visual language was established we went to work to create all of WeCare’s digital and web assets. The main project in this category was their website. We carefully crafted an efficient site architecture and created marketing messaging and visuals that presented them in the best light. This new online presence has carried over to their email design and social media platforms creating a very cohesive and vibrant look and feel that instills confidence in their ability to perform their duties exceptionally well.

Safinia | WEB


Lexical Intelligence approached Marstudio to take on the challenge of creating a product name, brand, and web presence for their AI platform. We took on that challenge and Safinia was born. It is a beautiful, simple, and to the point website that introduces this new language learning platform to the world. Visit the live Safinia website.