Marstudio Other Specialties Portfolio

When marketing goes beyond the traditional route, our portfolio is a guide to the highest level of execution and design for illustrations, infographics, environmental design, branded impact walls and much more. Explore Marstudio’s Other Specialties portfolio and see what unique marketing projects we can deliver to boost your company’s brand presence.

Moby Dick | Environmental Branding

Moby Dick Environmental Branding

Moby Dick House of Kabob’s brand is built on authenticity to their food’s Mediterranean origin and fine attention to detail to ensure every customer’s experience is as consistent as it is unique. We found a way to capture these elements visually by reflecting their brand colors, slogan, patterns, and voice within their retail space. Through this experience customers can enter the restaurant and instantly understand who Moby Dick is.

Medmarc | Infographic

Medmarc | Infographic

When a lot of information needs to be represented in a clear and concise manner an infographic is a powerful tool. When our client Medmarc wanted to share stats about the medical and healthcare industry while promoting their knowledge and expertise they asked us for help. Using modern design practices to visually display this information while incorporating elements of their brand, we were able to create an infographic that showed their industry knowledge while strengthening their brand.

Gemnique | Social Media Design

Gemnique Social Media Designs

In an attempt to boost the reach, sales and brand awareness for our decorative glass beads client Gemnique, we created social media templates and photos to go along with a social media campaign they ran in partnership with various art and DIY influencers. This campaign was created with the intent of inspiring DIY artist on the many uses of Gemniques unique collection of beads. We created photos and templates that were consistent with Gemnique’s brand and boosted sales through seasonally relevant ideas. A true representation of strategic design thinking.

Barry T | Book Cover

Barry T. Book Cover

Author Barry Thomas came to use wanting to give his book a new life through a web landing page and a new book cover. Using a combination of photography and illustration we created a cover that captured the eye of his audience while reflecting the themes and characters of the story.

AstraZeneca | Custom Icons

AstraZeneca Custom Icons

Biomedical industry leader AstraZeneca has very strict branding guidelines. So, when we were asked to create collateral and presentations for them we had to ensure that any design elements we created were in line with these guidelines including their icons. For these icons we were able take advantage of the guidelines using their colors and logo design elements to make icons that complement their brand and boost their content.

Alstom | Infographic

Alstom Infographic

Looking to create a visually pleasing and informative piece for Alstom’s Citadis Spirit train, we used elements from Alstom’s brand alongside elements that spoke specifically to their target audience. We found a way to combine elements of Canada’s flag with those of Alstom’s brand to create a unique and focused marketing piece.