Marstudio Client Campaigns

Marstudio works with a diverse group of companies such as yours that inspire creative and professional branding and marketing campaigns. We are firm believers of continuum of branding and invest great time and effort to make sure all of your sales and marketing collateral look uniform and on message, from print to web and beyond. Consistency is key to ensure your outreach efforts appear cohesive which will help increase your conversion rates and boost your business’s bottom line.

eSettlement Solutions | Logo Design

eSettlement Solutions

eSettlement Solutions, an environmentally conscious real estate settlement firm, called upon Marstudio to produce its branding, print material, website. While the website itself was in the process of being built, Marstudio implemented an attention-getting teaser website, built entirely in Flash. Striking imagery and strategically placed calls-to-action make this a website that stands out from the rest.

Montgomery Medical Associates, PC | Logo Design

Montgomery Medical Associates, PC

Montgomery Medical Associates, PC had established itself as a private medical practice before they asked Marstudio to produce a branding and website solution. Built with the idea in mind of health care on the individual level, Marstudio endeavored to convey this sense of personalized attention and care by incorporating staff photographs onto each page of the site, as well as thoughtfully placed copy emphasizing the practice’s personal touch.

Seska Lounge | Logo Design

Seska Lounge

Exemplifying the Washington Metropolitan Area’s vibrant nightlife scene, Seska Lounge set out to find a design team that could communicate not only the lounge’s lively atmosphere, but the features that set it apart from other local hotspots. The lounge’s menu, which features dishes from seven continents, showcases an international flair that is highlighted in the dramatic, yet minimalist, design of the website and print material.

Sands Artwork | Logo Design

Sands Artwork

A fine art gallery based in upscale Rockville Town Square, Sands Artwork came to Marstudio for a brand solution that reflected the decorative, modern art it offers. Marstudio produced a website for them with features such as a fully functional e-commerce area, a smoothly transitioning Flash banner animation, and a comprehensive gallery with detailed hi-res images. Their print material, with its clean lines and punch of vibrant color, similarly compels the user to engage.

Kellogg Conference Hotel | Logo Design

Kellogg Conference Hotel

Kellogg Conference Hotel came to Marstudio for a rebranding solution. Careful attention was paid to this Washington, DC-based conference hotel service in order to develop a thorough understanding of the image Kellogg Conference Hotel wanted to project. Using an alluring but professional color palette, and paying mind to important details such as typeface and aesthetic balance, Marstudio created an unmistakably identifiable rebranding solution.

Anora Home | Logo Design

Anora Home

With Anora Home, it’s all about that one element that makes the whole thing POP. Working with photographs of furniture that offer a muted color palette, Marstudio wanted to create an edgy twist to this modern and minimalist store’s branding. The solution? An energetic, brilliant flash of orange, that integrates perfectly with the rest of Anora Home’s rich, alluring color palette, further defining the brand and solidifying its identity.