Marstudio Website Design Portfolio

Marstudio has a rich web design portfolio. As a highly experienced website design and development company, we create professional, unique, and eye-catching websites that lead to high SEO rankings, increased brand recall, and substantial rise in your customer conversion rates. Explore our web portfolio below.

Kellogg Conference Hotel

Kellogg Conference Hotel is an award-winning convention center in Washington DC that has earned an international reputation for its outstanding conference facilities and gourmet catering. At Marstudio, we wanted to make their website look and feel as charming and as inviting as their convention center. In this vibrant website design, we combined their primary brand color, purple, with a display of moving pictures depicting the exciting things that Kellogg Conference Hotel has to offer.

MaryAnne Fiorita

Award-winning real estate agent Maryanne Fiorita is committed to helping you find a great home. A best-seller at Long & Foster Realtors, she wanted a bold website layout which Marstudio happily designed using sleek angles, and daring colors such as the pops of red. Visit the live MaryAnne Fiorita website.

Orthocare Solutions

Orthocare Solutions’ mission is to make lives better by delivering superior orthotic and prosthetic products to healthcare providers and individuals. At Marstudio, we wanted the quality of their products and services to be reflected on their website design so we created an impeccably clean and fresh layout combining grey with pops of yellow and blue. Visit the live Orthocare Solutions website.


Pressbait is a company that helps the media connect with writers, giving them the opportunity to share their stories and the media to find them. For their website, we wanted to capture the idea of “press”. To do so, we came up with a very white and very clean yet dynamic website incorporating paper texture and pops of colors such as orange and teal.

Rock Creek Productions

Rock Creek is an award-winning video and media production company who came to Marstudio for a website refresh. Mixing a fresh color palette with greys and cool colors, Marstudio’s mission here was to showcase Rock Creek’s impressive qualities and creative work. Marstudio incorporated photographs as well as quotes pulled from testimonials on the front page to show clients and viewers the quality of the work they produce. Visit the live Rock Creek Productions website.

Shah and Kishore Family Law

Shah & Kishore is a team of experienced and knowledgeable family law attorneys who strive to provide the best solution for their clients facing difficult times. For their website design, we wanted to reflect Shah & Kishore’s values as well as make clients feel right at home. To do so, we blended soothing colors such as greys and blues with a welcoming interface that is easy to navigate. Visit the live Shah and Kishore Family Law website.

Cornerstone Consulting

Cornerstone Consulting is a professional firm specializing in the development of commercial and residential projects that approached Marstudio for a website refresh. Working within client guidelines, Marstudio created a high-impact, balanced, and efficient website. Specific features of the website include a simplified navigation, three main modules on the homepage to improve SEO ranking, and an addition to the original color palette that highlights and balances the appearance of the website. Visit the live Cornerstone Consulting website.


Promaneer had an already-established brand, yet they were not happy with the direction it was headed. Marstudio took on the task of keeping their existing logo, but creating a whole new design around it. A new typeface was selected and the logo was modified to include exciting new colors. Once the logo and color palette were designed, Marstudio moved on to designing the rest of the identity, marketing collateral, and their website. Visit the live Promaneer website.


dHive wanted to refresh their type-based logo in order to run with their trendy competitors. After countless iterations and multiple directions Marstudio finally found the sweet spot and designed a new brand for dHive that combined what the client loved about their original concept with a new and updated look. Exciting colors were introduced as part of a comprehensive brand palette that could not only stand out in the current design climate but also have the classic simplicity to withstand the test of time. Visit the live dHive website.

BM2 Construction

BM2 Construction is a Virginia-based, family-owned consulting engineering and general contracting firm with services expanding throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. As one of the area’s most experienced and respected providers of construction services, it was Marstudio’s responsibility to create a lasting brand that could stand up to BM2’s growing reputation. The solid, reliable feel of BM2’s branding and new website will serve their wide range of clients for years to come, and will be a trusted resource as the company continues to expand. Visit the live BM2 Construction website.

Montgomery Medical Services

Montgomery Medical Services is an advertising, marketing, acquisition, procurement, and consulting firm that specializes in the strategic implementation, and expansion of new or existing medically related services. Visit the live Montgomery Medical Services website.


QuickSurveys is an innovative online market research tool that allows the user to create and launch consumer surveys easily and effectively. At Marstudio, we have assisted Toluna QuickSurveys with their marketing collateral in order to create consistency throughout all of their branded material. Because QuickSurveys works with clients such as Nivea, Fiat, Sony Music, British Airways, Playtex, and Loreal, it is a high priority for this online company to have a sharp, professional and cutting-edge outward appearance, which Marstudio helped to provide.