Surreal Photography Truly Captures Imagination

Most of us spend our lives firmly stuck in reality, but 19-year-old French photographer Vincent Bourilhon spends his focusing on the surreal aspects that so often escape our notice. 500px, a photo sharing website, describes his work as “…photography [that] erases the boundaries between reality and imaginary”, and we don’t disagree. His work invokes childhood nostalgia, reminding us of long-lost daydreams and backyard adventures. On his website, Bourilhon says he draws inspiration from his favorite “movies and tales”, which is why some photographs may look familiar.


Maybe E.T.?

Here are some more favorites:

to build a home486x459

a sailor



Bourilhoun isn’t the only contemporary artist pulling from his imagination to create incredible, dreamlike photographs. Meet Laurent Chehere, another Frenchman, and his flying houses.

LAURENT-CHEHERE-flying-houses-foyer africain-18web

Chehere says that his two passions, travel and photography, as well as his interest in architecture, were the inspiration behind this whimsical series.




Fourteen year old Zev from Natick, Massachusets is an internet sensation, wowing viewers with skill and expertise that seems to surpass his age. He goes only by his first name, or by the nickname fiddle oak. With the help of his 17-year-old sister, fiddle oak creates surreal photographs that feature himself on a shrunken scale. You can check out his process and get a behind the scenes look on his blog:





Typically these kinds of photographs are composites of multiple manipulated images and involve a lot of skill, patience, and vision. These three artists prove that inexperience and age do not hinder imagination and creative ideas. In today’s world, because of the internet and readily accessible software and technology, anyone can create their beautiful art and share it with the world.

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