Less Is More: Using Minimalism To Break Through Online Clutter

There are more than 1.1 billion websites across the world today, according to Internet Live Stats. That’s a lot of marketing. Consider how effective minimalism could be in cutting through that confusion. With a clean visual, bright colors, and a few clear words, your brand could break through the competing noise online and reach your potential customers. Simple is the way to go.

Good Marketing Organizes the Mess(age)

Online information definitely has a clutter issue. The sheer volume of products and services are intimidating for potential customers and time-consuming to sort through. Your job is to have a website or ad that grabs customers’ attention because it provides a safe haven from the mess – that is, it’s immediately clear who you are and what value you bring to potential customers.

The New York Times has a new ad campaign that is designed to do precisely that, according to Mashable. The only visuals are black newspaper type on a white background, accompanied by minimal voiceover and sound effects. The ad illustrates the current noise about truth in journalism. When you see it, you get it immediately.

When potential customers see your website or your marketing materials, the goal is to have them get it, too. Your company’s offerings should be so clear and so simple to understand that customers feel like they don’t have to search any further – they’re ready to buy from you.

If Not Minimal, At Least Accessible

Marstudio works with a client that sells research products to the biotech industry. Now, these are not simple products to begin with, but the message is made even more complicated by regulated language and conditions of shipping and handling that the buyer needs to understand for safety reasons.

We recently worked with them to rebrand, and redesigned their logo into a simple, colorful symbol mimicking a spheroid. Our strategy was to create instant recognition and relatability for the brand within their industry. We cleaned up the visuals on their website and helped them sort products into the three main categories presented on the homepage. Now site visitors can easily find what they’re looking for.

Our client has since reported back that quote requests tripled in the first month since the new website launched. This tells us that even in a complex industry, simplifying the marketing message is the right strategy.

Minimalism Is Effective in the Right Hands

The danger of minimalism is leaving out important parts or emphasizing the wrong thing, which can confuse the customer. Working with a professional marketing company like Marstudio helps you focus on what is important, so that minimalism becomes a highly effective technique for your brand marketing.

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