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5 Reasons Why Blogging is Good for Your Business

by Annie K.

The digital era is still dawning, with technology increasingly becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. This sentiment translates to the business world as well, forcing companies to “get with the times” in order to stay relevant. Social media and blogging are no longer relegated to just “down-time” activities;[…]

The Importance of Multifaceted Marketing Campaigns

by Marstudio Inc.

You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. It’s a repeated cliché, primarily because it’s true. Investing your time and money in only one idea is risky. It’s equally risky to invest all of your marketing budget in one ad,[…]

How to Approach Your Marketing Budget

by Marstudio Inc.

As the holidays and the end of the year approach, a lot of companies are faced with either trying to spend the rest of 2018’s marketing budget (or risk losing it), or setting up a marketing budget for 2019. One piece of marketing wisdom says that companies who have a set a marketing budget are 47% more likely to be innovators in their field.[…]

Trade Show Trade Secrets: The Sequel

by Marstudio Inc.

So, you read our Trade Show Trade Secrets and created a killer experience for visitors at your last trade show. You made a few deals, talked to some great prospects, and gathered a ton of contact info. Now what?[…]

The Marstudio Trade Show Trade Secrets

by Marstudio, Inc.

The numbers vary based on who you ask, but it’s generally accepted that it takes somewhere between 6 and 13 “touches” before you get a qualified sales lead. Trade shows can be a unique way to touch very qualified candidates.[…]

Keys to Effective Brand Architecture Development

by Marstudio Inc.

A brand is like a living, breathing organism. Like a human, its capabilities, voice, and overall personality will grow and become more mature and diverse with time, even if the name is the same and the face (or logo for a brand) remains recognizable. […]

How Branded Merchandise Can Help Boost Your Brand

by Marstudio Inc.

What if we told you that you could get people to pay their own money to advertise for your brand?

Yes, you read that correctly, they take their hard-earned money and advertise for your restaurant, medical company, or hardware supply store.[…]

Connection Restored: Trends to Help Your Brand Reconnect with Customers in 2018

by Marstudio Inc.

With robots getting citizenship and digital helpers constantly listening to everything you say, it’s easy to feel that the use of tech is starting to overshadow the natural and human elements in life and in commerce – that companies have lost their focus on helping consumers,[…]

Make the Most of Your End-of-Year Marketing Budget

by Shevy S.

In some industries the last two months of the year are written off as an unproductive time. But experienced marketing directors and CMOs know that this is the wrong approach when it comes to marketing. Not only can the end of the year be incredibly productive,[…]