Time to Leave Insecurity Behind

It’s the dawn of a new year – a time for reflection on your growth, confidence in your goals, and security in the person you’re becoming.

But what about your website? Will it be secure this year, too?

You’ve probably noticed that some website URLs begin with “https,” while others begin with “http.” The first shows that the website has been protected by an “SSL” (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, while the second proves that it has not.

SSL makes a website more secure (the “s” in “https”) by providing encryption, and verifying the identity of the domain. Encryption is like having an envelope around a letter, protecting the data inside from prying eyes, while identity verification is like an ID card, showing customers that the website really does belong to your company.

Certain website functionality (such as e-commerce) requires you to have an SSL certificate, but the benefits go beyond protecting user data and verifying identity – security also matters for marketing. With SSL, visitors to your website will see a reassuring lock icon in the address bar, helping to build trust in your company and brand. Furthermore, adding an SSL could also help your site to appear higher in search results than it would without SSL.

There are many types of SSL, from basic to advanced, so follow this guide to choose the option that best suits your website’s needs.

Basic – Domain Validated (DV) SSL

This level secures the data transferred from your site by encrypting data. With the domain validation type of certificate, visitors to the site will see a padlock on their browser bar indicating that the site is secure. This is a good solution for a company with a medium-sized target audience (e.g. not a high-volume e-commerce site). The certificate will not provide information about your company to customers, but it provides the basic level of protection.

Medium – Organization Validated (OV) SSL

This level secures the data transferred from your site by encrypting data, and also includes a higher level of assurance for your customers. This certificate provides more information about your organization to customers who mouse over the padlock in the address bar, so they can confirm that the site is trustworthy. When applying for this certificate, information about your organization is cross-checked using government databases.

Advanced – Extended Validation (EV) SSL

This level of security is used by most major corporations, businesses and government entities. It not only encrypts your website, but also clearly demonstrates that the company is safe to do business with by displaying a green bar with the name of your organization. Not all businesses can use the EV SSL, and the validation and verification process is more detailed. It includes the same validation steps as OV SSL, as well as requiring various verification documents from your business.

If you want to enter the new year with security, contact Marstudio to find out how we can help. SSL is available as an add-on with any of our hosting plans, or we can work with your current web host to determine available security options and install the right one for your website.

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