Who is Credible?

Credible is a behavioral health enterprise software company who provides to clinicians and patients in need. Credible is dedicating to improving the quality of care and lives in the behavioral health industry.

Credible’s Challenge

Credible’s challenge was that their website was built on an antiquated content management system that didn’t allow them to easily change the content of their site. As a result, their website remained unchanged and outdated for years, sitting without crucial updates to the content or content management system.

Marstudio’s Solution

Marstudio retooled the entirety of Credible’s website. We redid the entire site architecture, wrote all new copy for Credible, designed unique pages, sourced all the images and built an entirely new content management system.

As a result, Credible’s web presence is now a better reflection of their business, showing off Credible’s capable, yet professional nature. Marstudio also won a 2019 MarCom award for our efforts.

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