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Marstudio’s World Water Day

by Marstudio Inc.

Every year on March 22nd, we celebrate World Water Day. Across the blogosphere (a.k.a. social media) the #WorldWaterDay hashtag graces people’s timelines, reminding us of the importance of clean water and that it is, in fact, a privilege. Not everyone has the convenience of easy access to it –[…]

Marstudio & Larry Hogan – The NABOE CEO Breakfast Series

by Marstudio Inc.

This morning, Marstudio’s CEO & Marketing Director had the honor of networking with fellow business leaders and hearing Maryland’s Governor, Larry Hogan speak at the NABOE CEO Breakfast Series. Discussing the economic success and enterprise growth in Maryland in the past few years,[…]

Marstudio Awarded MCCC Project & The MCCC Awards Dinner

by Marstudio Inc.

Last Thursday, November 9th, Marstudio had the honor to dine and rub elbows with a multitude of the county’s and state’s most predominant and important community members, at the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Dinner.[…]

Introducing the MARS EYE NO

by Marstudio Inc.

Marstudio is bringing tomorrow’s future of technology to you – yesterday. How, you might ask? With the innovative, creative, futuristic platform that is the MARS EYE NO.

P.S. Happy April Fools Day 2017! Want to create something similar to this?[…]

Big Mac, Lil’ Mac

by Marstudio Inc.

From the iconic Royale with cheese/Le Big Mac conversation in Pulp Fiction, to the catchy “Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun” jingle, the Big Mac is a staple of American food and culture.[…]

data visualizations

Ridiculous Data Visualizations

by Marstudio Inc.

Using data to create visual representations is a great way to convey information to intended audiences. However, even with the best intentions, data visualizations can go terribly wrong. See examples of what NOT to do here.[…]

adult coloring book

Moleskine’s New Adult Coloring Book

by Marstudio Inc.

Adult coloring books were all the rage this past holiday gift-giving season. Now Moleskine, a company known for their fine-crafted notebooks, journals, and planners, is throwing their hat in the adult-coloring-book ring. Find out which award-winning illustrator Moleskine teamed up with to create the beautiful designs here.[…]

package design

New Package Design for Black Bird Beer

by Marstudio Inc.

Elegance and beer don’t usually go hand in hand—but for handcrafted beer Black Bird, their new packaging design is bringing the two terms together beautifully. Check out more of this elegant new design here.


Brand Management Is Everything in 2016

by Marstudio Inc.

Think that brand and image trump product? Well, according to this Inc. article, Why Brand Management Will Be Crucial In 2016, you might be on to something. How consumers view a company can and will impact your bottom line—read the full article to find out why.[…]