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Starting a Business? How to Lock Down Long-Term Success

by Marstudio Inc.

A misconception among many businesses is that you should only invest in marketing when your business isn’t doing well. When in fact, a marketing plan should be in place before you open your doors. If you wait until your business is in hard times before you think about investing in marketing,[…]

How to Make the Most of Direct Mail in the Digital Age

by Sam R.

With the rise of the digital age, many people thought the sun was setting on print and direct mail, completely forgetting that both have a proven track record of generating results. Instead, people began putting all of their marketing eggs in a digital basket,[…]


5 Brand Killing Beliefs to Avoid

by Marstudio Inc.

Strong branding is a subject we’re pretty passionate about—mostly because so much bad branding still exists out there in the world. A few brand misconceptions can easily kill a company’s reputation and revenue, and they should be avoided at all costs.[…]

Toyota is Faced with a Branding Dilemma

by Sam R.

Why are so many Toyota vehicles appearing in ISIS propaganda videos?

Toyota has strict policies regarding sale of vehicles to potential purchasers who may use or modify them for paramilitary or terrorist activities. However, according to Toyota spokesman Ed Lewis,[…]

Harley Davidson

The Aging Harley Davidson Brand

by Marstudio Inc.

Some brands can withstand the test of time. Others, however, may not be so fortunate–as is the case with Harley Davidson.

Is this iconic brand in need of a refresh?

Find out here.[…]

Executive Portrait Before and After

Why Corporate Photography Should Be Included in Your Marketing Budget

by Sam R.

As a business owner, you probably allocate parts of your marketing budget to design and content creation, but are you investing in the professional photography services that can set your brand apart?

As a creative agency that works with companies across many industries,[…]

What is a brand?

Marstudio Info Series I All About Brands Part 3: What is a brand story?

by Marstudio Inc.

Storytelling has long been used to create emotional connections with an audience. Humans in particular have a great appreciation for storytelling and oftentimes spend money on its various forms, like music, poetry, or theatre. As a business, you can take advantage of society’s propensity for storytelling by creating a brand story.[…]

Marketing Hurdles for The Hunger Games

by Marstudio Inc.

Once again, the pent-up excitement for The Hunger Games has been collectively released with the arrival of the second installment of the trilogy. Catching Fire grossed $161.1 million domestically during its opening weekend (earning the position of largest domestic opening in November) and $146.6 million internationally.[…]

Xfinity Rolling Out iPad App to Control TV Content

by Marstudio Inc.

The emergence of the iPad as an entertainment hub is undeniable. Apple has long been a trend setter for the industry and everyone so far has been playing catch up. It’s true that all competitors come up with gadgets that boast better performance and more features,[…]