Project Challenge:

As a global compliance company, Enhesa had a difficult time describing who they are and what they do due to the complexity of their business. They approached Marstudio looking to not only modernize their company brand, but to also get help in simplifying their messaging on what they do and who they are. Legal compliance is a complex subject matter in itself, simplifying it to be understood and recognizable on a global scale was a unique branding challenge.

Enhesa Website | Before & After

Marstudio’s Solution:

There were a few key elements we knew we needed to fix moving from their old logo to new branding. The combination of the orange and blue, which made it difficult to read, and the font, which lacked presence and was very stock, needed to be updated and customized. Trying to capture the value of the services Enhesa provides their clients, we went through multiple brand iterations, but through collaboration and edits were able to agree on a highly comprehensive logo.

In their new logo the 4 E’s each represented one of their main service offerings and their company name. We then enclosed them in a circle as a “non-cliché” approach to better represent their global reach (without actually using a globe). We paired the icon with the wordmark through color, using green to show their environmental services (en), yellow to represent health services (he) and blue for safety services (sa). This successful rebranding not only helped create depth within their brand, but also made room for visual branding elements that could be used across their website and other marketing materials.

Brand Expansion:

With the new Enhesa brand, we created a plethora of complimentary brand elements to go along with the logo. A key to executing Enhesa’s brand was preserving their professionalism while keeping the complex information they share visually interesting. As a multifaceted company with multiple avenues of outreach, creating diverse yet consistent executions was key. We designed iconography, a diverse color pallet, complimentary graphics with custom design execution, and many other elements that could be used across the abundance of marketing collateral Enhesa uses throughout their business practices. Throughout their website, print fliers, tradeshow booth, brochures, and blog (Enhesa Flash) we executed a consistent, diverse, and unique visual brand execution that showed the complexity of compliance but the ease of working with Enhesa.

Enhesa Case Study

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