Project Challenge:

A&S came to Marstudio looking to bring growth to their B2C Home division through a website redesign while giving their Commercial division a refined, but simple web presence. They also needed a rebranding that refined and modernized their image while creating separation between their Commercial and Home division. This split branding then needed to be represented on their new website.

A&S | Website

Marstudio’s Solution:

Starting off with the brand direction, that would eventually help guide the visual direction and functionality of the website redesign, we created a logo family that encapsulated two brands working in parallel for one company. Using a dual brand architecture, we executed a visually uniform identity. We created a similar seal inspired logo for both divisions, and used color as a key element of separation. These elements were then used across their website and are reflected on the homepage, menu and even the sub-pages. Through this execution, we were able to represent their two divisions that both provide stone and tile offerings while accounting for the different customers and different sales methods.

Brand Expansion:

After developing a strong visual foundation for A&S, we now had the tools to execute the brand across different platforms and collateral. Including everything from print brochures to coupons to email templates, the execution of their new brand has endless possibilities. The key challenge of executing the A&S Home brand was to seamlessly display the brands of their high-quality retail partners and suppliers while keeping them under the umbrella of A&S and ensuring their brand is not diluted. Through the use of design elements like color blocking, watermarking, and high impact photos and imagery, we visually brought new value to the A&S Home brand through our brand execution. Through consistent use of these elements across digital collateral like email newsletter templates and print collateral like coupons and catalog brochures, we ensure that no matter how customers interact with the A&S brand, there will be a consistent brand message of quality work and product.

A&S | Case Study

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