Level 3 Security Solutions

Who is Level 3 Security Solutions?

Level 3 Security Solutions is a private security company located in Rockville, Maryland. They specialize in providing private and special event security, school security, and executive protection.

Level 3

Level 3 Security Solutions’ Challenge:

Level 3’s brand came across as very plain, failing to represent them as a capable and professional entity. Their website was not mobile user-friendly and did not have the visuals to accurately reflect the company and its services.

Marstudio’s Solution:

We redesigned their logo to incorporate an engaging, built-in story. It also features recognizable elements such as the flag, a shield to represent protection and care, plus the number 3, which is indicative of the highest level of security. The colors were changed to red, white, and navy blue to emphasize the roots of the company’s founder as a former member of the police force.

Level 3

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