Marstudio Branding Portfolio

At Marstudio we are strategic branding experts. Through our comprehensive research process, we create unique visual brands for each of our clients. We provide you a visually pleasing and recognizable foundation to build your company’s image on and use across your multiple marketing initiatives. We invest ample time identifying your target demographic in order to create logos that resonate with them, hence helping distinguish your business from your competition.

Mobile Accounting USA

Mobile Accounting USA is a full-service accounting firm that provides services either remotely or on-site depending on client needs. We attempted to preserve the previous logo’s essence and compliments its dynamic shape yet incorporates more substance and meaning into the new execution. The new logo is clean and modern while still remaining client-focused. The energetic shape of the logo provides movement, emphasizing the company’s mobile component. The concept is simple, clean and professional and still maintains the original idea while improving upon it.

Pinnacle Prosthetic Labs

Pinnacle Prosthetic Labs, LLC, is a central fabrication prosthetics lab. They requested that all marketing efforts for “Pinn Labs” remain consistent with the company’s orthopedics division, Pinnacle Orthopedic Services. Marstudio created an icon that spoke to versatility and precision while still paying tribute to the overall concept of a “pinnacle.” We created a stylized version of main brand’s existing logo by borrowing visual elements and then creating a similar visual language but with an entirely new and fresh look. The result is a very structural and abstract representation of that concept that expands on its meaning.


Resilicore, a business management consultant, came to Marstudio for a brand refresh. The goal was to retain a visual connection to the previous icon but update and refine the elements to provide a version with a cleaner execution. New applications were phased in, while keeping recognition between the new and old. Marstudio addressed the associated tagline and made it more specific and in tune with Resilicore’s core services. This new tagline essentially provides a great value proposition right from the start. Together the logo, typeface, and tagline provide Resilicore with a forward-thinking brand identity.

Sonoran Sky Pediatrics

Being a pediatrics practice, Sonoran Sky Pediatrics wanted to create a playful and fun brand. Marstudio sought to upgrade the existing brand to be more current and introduce new visual elements. The original font was lacking depth and visual texture, so Marstudio leveraged this font but stylized it and increased contrast to introduce depth. We introduced two symbolic icons, the biplane and the hot air balloon, in order to reflect the practice’s current and future interior design. Overall the design is more dynamic, colorful, and provides a much more refined look.

Splash by Paula

For Splash by Paula’s branding, Marstudio wanted the focus to be on Paula’s artwork, and on the transformation that it creates. Paula’s initial “P” splits the two sides of the shape, emphasizing the fact that she stands between a bland item and a creative work of art. This icon has been designed with endless potential in mind, with dynamic colors that can change based on the season, event, or even at random. The endless potential of this design treatment has so many implications when we use the logo across multiple print and digital platforms.


Trevigen, a biotechnology company, came to Marstudio for a branding overhaul. For Trevigen’s logo design, we created an abstract shape having the resemblance of a biological cell spheroid, a Trevigen product. The colors represent the chemical reaction a cell culture reagent goes through during a process, and the incomplete circle represents cell growth. Every aspect of the logo is connected to Trevigen’s products, as an abstract design filled with conceptual visuals that represent what Trevigen is all about and showcase the multifaceted organization.


When designing Geminque’s logo, Marstudio wanted to capitalize on their biggest differentiator: offering more colors than any other supplier of decorative accents. Just as Gemnique has separated itself from its competition through colors, Marstudio wanted the logo to also distinguish the company through the use of colors. This resulted in layering translucent spheres of several different sizes and shapes. The colors affect one another just as they would if several different types of glass gems were laid on top of each other. The effect is bold, fun, creative, and eye-catching.


Enhesa is the market leader in global environmental, health and safety compliance assurance providing support to businesses worldwide. Enhesa’s logo includes a custom typeface and a complex, yet structured, icon composed of four “e”‘s. The icon represents Enhesa’s reliable system and inter-connectivity, and introduces Enhesa’s three main brand colors.

Mayorga Organics

Mayorga Organics is currently known for their bold tasting coffees from South America, but is now diversifying their offerings to become a major organics food supplier. As part of this initiative, Marstudio was tasked to redesign their logo. We used their previous typeface as a base to custom design a new and unique font, and we replaced their former crown icon with imagery that better symbolizes what Mayorga offers. Although this branding refresh introduced key differences, we preserved the nostalgic feeling that the old logo provided their dedicated patrons.

Chester County Primary Care

Chester County Primary Care wanted a cutting edge logo that connected with younger generations. Marstudio constructed a logo from a series of dots that form the letters CCPC. The main concept was to create an icon that is a small puzzle, and very engaging. The discovery aspect of the logo gives it great staying power. The use of the dots also provides an opportunity for endless applications. The logo and typeface combination provides a very unique look that is not prevalent in the medical industry, setting CCPC apart.


Evntme is a start-up developing an App to help individuals and groups plan events. Marstudio created a custom typeface logo and icon for phone use. The letter “e”, which starts and ends the company name, has been designed to subtly resemble an inward facing arrow. This represents the function of the App: adding an individual into an event. The small location icon has been incorporated with the first “e” to emphasize the location feature of the App. Overall the logo is very sleek and modern, and contains conceptual elements that outline the main functionality and features of the App.

MaryAnne Fiorita Team

The MaryAnne Fiorita Team, a successful Montgomery County realtor, came to Marstudio for a brand refresh. As requested by the client, the inspiration for the logo was MaryAnne’s signature. The result is a beautiful, clean custom font that is reflective of the client. Marstudio also formed an icon from the first initials for smaller spaces. Both pieces of the icon can be used together or separately, resulting in a very flexible logo that works with a diverse set of applications.