Marstudio Branding Portfolio

At Marstudio we are strategic branding experts. Through our comprehensive research process, we create unique visual brands for each of our clients. We provide you a visually pleasing and recognizable foundation to build your company’s image on and use across your multiple marketing initiatives. We invest ample time identifying your target demographic in order to create logos that resonate with them, hence helping distinguish your business from your competition.

Seska Lounge

Exemplifying the Washington Metropolitan Area’s vibrant nightlife scene, Seska Lounge set out to find a design team that could communicate not only the lounge’s lively atmosphere, but the features that set it apart from other local hotspots. The lounge’s menu, which features dishes from seven continents, showcases an international flair that is highlighted in the dramatic, yet minimalist, branding solution. Rich hues frame the thoughtfully selected images that provide the user with a real sense of what to expect from this compelling attraction.

CV Expert Review

A cardiovascular medical review startup based in Pennsylvania, CV Expert Review called upon Marstudio to communicate its services in a professional and straightforward way with a modern, unique branding strategy. With streamlined navigation and a call to action on every page, as well as a purchasing feature, CV Expert Review delivers targeted content in a manner that is both efficient and memorable.

Ardmore RSM

Ardmore RSM, an Oklahoma-based sleep and respiratory center, turned to Marstudio’s team and expertise to create a branding solution with a look and feel that reflected the personalized attention and compassionate care the center offers each of its patients. Consistent with Ardmore RSM’s logo are the vertical blocks of color which frame and enhance Ardmore RSM’s simple and clean branding.

Star Limousine

Maryland-based Star Limousine called on Marstudio to create a stylish branding solution for its limousine service. The design’s sleek black backdrop and city atmosphere denote a simple sophistication with a broad appeal, which work together to drive home the point that this limousine service stands out from the crowd.

Sands Artwork

A fine art gallery based in upscale Rockville Town Square, Sands Artwork came to Marstudio for a brand strategy that reflected the decorative, modern art it offers. Pairing a vibrant royal purple with black and white, the design conveys the gallery’s intention as a place where one can find extraordinary works of art that draw the eye, rather than blend in unremarkably. A splash of paint across the logo emphasizes the passion that only a true artist imbues into his or her work.

Penn Biomedical Support

Penn Biomedical Support came to Marstudio for a branding overhaul. A competent and efficient health care services company, Penn Biomedical Support’s straightforward branding reflects the dedication and professionalism it offers its clients. With a logo depicting the universally recognizable heart monitor, paired with a soothing blue, the end result of this branding solution is strong and modern.

S3 Companies

Being in the business of developing business, S3 Companies turned to the Marstudio team to design a branding solution that reflects its own business practices. Singular and straightforward, S3 Companies wanted to communicate a sense of strategy, so Marstudio steered toward a simpler, more stylized approach with black and white – the color concept being that their business scope stretches to both sides of the spectrum.

eSettlement Solutions

eSettlement Solutions, an environmentally conscious real estate settlement firm, called upon Marstudio to refine its branding material. Using a cool-hued color palette, with plenty of green to reflect their eco-friendly advantage, Marstudio made the daring choice of incorporating into their branding solution high-impact photography, to highlight the features that distinguish eSettlement Solutions from other settlement firms.

Persian Empire

Persian Empire, a Maryland-based soccer team, came to Marstudio with a small budget, in search of high-impact branding. Incorporating into the design visually impactful imagery and illustrations, Marstudio rose to the challenge and created a brand that was at once dramatic and fun.

Half Bridal

HalfBridal called upon Marstudio to carry their branding through from start to finish. Elegant and accessible, with round shapes evoking spotlight imagery, the branding solution Marstudio delivered reflects the brand’s desire to showcase the essence of the woman, as well as her chic fashion sense.


A software development company focusing on developing RN to BSN online nursing courses, IMEDLink came to Marstudio wanting a branding solution that incorporated a modern aesthetic. Bold lines reveal a data transmitter, the “i” reflecting both the iMEDLink name as well as the concept of information that is shared. The result is a symbolic and universally applicable branding solution.

NuSkool District

NuSkool District approached Marstudio to develop a branding solution that reflected the complex breakbeat music it creates. Not wanting to detract from the design by being overly complex, Marstudio kept it simple with a breakdancer and a strong, bold typeface, producing an end result that is unique and memorable.