Marstudio Branding Portfolio

At Marstudio we are strategic branding experts. Through our comprehensive research process, we create unique visual brands for each of our clients. We provide you a visually pleasing and recognizable foundation to build your company’s image on and use across your multiple marketing initiatives. We invest ample time identifying your target demographic in order to create logos that resonate with them, hence helping distinguish your business from your competition.

Edwardson Construction

Based on a drawing they provided, Edwardson Construction asked Marstudio to revise and polish it. A simple structure depicting a building’s highest focal point, Marstudio refined the sketch, creating bold lines while allowing a bit of intricate detail to remain visible. Backlight with a subdued warm light, this logo is at once appealing and memorable.


A pro-bono undertaking for a local DJ, Marstudio got to work creating this branding solution for Pina, a breakbeat DJ. Integrating a vinyl record into the “P”, a bright star to dot the “i”, and an edgy typeface to finish it up, this logo is full of character and whimsy.

Faubel + Christensen

Faubel + Christensen, a New York City-based fashion and commercial photography team, wanted a branding solution that reflected their work without detracting from it with a complicated design. In an industry that relies almost exclusively on the images it puts forth, a design strategy with the usual bells and whistles would have had a decidedly deleterious effect. Using a subdued color palette, strikingly minimal typeface and framework, the brand delivers maximum impact.


energf, a startup company that designs and programs a software to control certain industrial heat pumps, called up Marstudio to produce its branding solution. Simple, yet identifiable, with gears set against a green background, and contained tidily within a rounded square, Marstudio delivered a logo that spoke to the core competencies of this startup.