Marstudio Print Portfolio

Whether it is for your trade show, networking event, or bus ad, Marstudio has a diverse print design portfolio and print marketing collateral. Explore the many different executions of client’s brands across eye-catching flyers, professional business cards, crisp looking brochures, and many other print marketing projects that have yielded optimum results.

HCT Pathology

HCT Pathology tasked Marstudio with a complete re-branding initiative. Their company benefits from a strong service record, but their brand was not reflective of the high-quality service they provide. Utilizing some features of their existing logo, we created an entirely new brand. This new brand was conceptually sound, allowing them to establish themselves as a leader in the industry capable of competing with larger labs who provide the same service. Next, we propagated their new look and feel throughout their corporate identity and marketing collateral.

Kendall Capital

When Kendall Capital first contacted Marstudio, they were already a household name within the Fiduciary Investment market. However, their overall look didn’t reflect this. They wanted to become an investment powerhouse and we made sure that happened. We refined and refreshed all of their collateral, marketing material, and sales tools to make sure that whenever they reached out to their customer base, they appeared as a leading authority in the field. Now, when compared to the competition, Kendall Capital poses a serious threat to any other investment firm that dares to compete with them.


Dynamic Hive (or dHive) is a US-based manufacturer with over two decades of experience providing architects and designers with creative environmental solutions. During their longtime engagement with Marstudio, we worked to update their tradeshow and conference brochure. By using high-impact photography, we focused on creating a layout that showed the impact of their innovative, modern architectural and environmental designs. Our design provides visual impact and helps dHive to start their sales process the instant someone picks up the brochure.

Rockville Rewards

Support local and save with Rockville Rewards; Rockville Rewards is a discount card sold by area non-profits that cardholders can show at partner businesses for a discount. They came to us in need of a newly designed discount card and collateral to support. Using the Rockville Rewards color palette, Marstudio provided an abstract card design as well as a matching rack card, flyer, and brochure. The designs are bright and have a modern and warm look and feel.

MacArthur Medical Center

MacArthur Medical Center, located in Texas, is a patient care-centered company and leader in obstetrics, infertility, robotic surgery, gynecology and urogynocology surgeries who approached Marstudio in need of an overall brand redesign. Marstudio designed a main logo for the company, expanded the color palette, and assigned a specific color to each specialty that MacArthur offers, then created a sub-logo for each specialty. We use each specialty’s color to brand their unique print collateral pieces, but still maintain the warm, caring feel of the overall MacArthur brand.

Bethesda Family Therapy

Bethesda Family Therapy offers state-of-the-art psychotherapy based on the Bowen family systems theory, and came to Marstudio in search of an original brand. After Marstudio designed the logo, we used it to create the rest of the collateral for their corporate identity. The collateral design is clean and professional, and helps establish a consistent, distinct brand. The icon is split in half to visualize the idea that Bethesda Family Therapy can connect two disconnected pieces and create a “whole” – for example, bringing people back together to mend relationships, help them see the whole picture, or feel better overall.

FirstTeam VIP Health Services

First Team VIP Health Services is a personal at-home care provider that needed a new brand. After Marstudio designed the FirstTeam logo, we used the same elements to create a consistent look across all of the corporate identity collateral. The collateral has a clean, corporate design and emphasizes the FirstTeam logo. This is important in establishing the look of a new brand.

GrandCare Health Services

GrandCare Health Services is a leader in high-quality home nursing and rehabilitative care, located in Southern California. The company approached Marstudio to update their brand, but maintain their established image. While creating GrandCare’s collateral, Marstudio relied on symmetry, comforting imagery, and bold chunks of solid color. The blues and golds simultaneously establish GrandCare as prestigious and capable, as well as inviting and caring. The clean layout of the collateral offers a modern update to the traditional company image.

Innovative Pest Management

“We deliver the knockout punch!” is Innovative Pest Management’s tagline, and the same applies for Marstudio’s approach to the full branding of this pest extermination company. Innovative Pest Management turned to Marstudio for an impactful, creative solution. For their print collateral, we maintained the impactful quality of the brand by using high-definition photography, large bug images, and the bright green and orange brand colors.

Montgomery County

Montgomery County MD, a government entity, came to Marstudio in need of a design (including illustrations and layout) for a disaster emergency preparedness book for children that would be distributed throughout Montgomery County schools. Marstudio had the privilege of working with our local government to create a kid-friendly public service book with Marstudio flair!

Ganti Advisors

Ganti Advisors is a firm that advises middle market companies and stakeholders and they approached Marstudio for a whole new brand. As with the other print collateral, the GA Icon from the logo was set askew and bleeding off the page. The use of this established design element creates for a consistent brand across all print pieces. Marstudio used the large diagonal graphic of the logo icon to create high-impact, eye-catching business cards for Ganti Advisors. The design is bold and professional. Combined with heavy duty cardstock, these cards are meant to make an impression!


WTOP, Washington’s all-news radio station, engaged Marstudio to design a series of bus ads that would be noticeable on DC area streets. After completing observational research, our team began to develop the content and design concepts. The final ads feature clever one-liners and “A to Z” phrases that are displayed on brightly colored backgrounds. The simple design, crisp font, and bold colors attract attention but do not distract from the important message: tune in to WTOP. These effective bus ads speak to the power of environmental advertising.