Marstudio Print Portfolio

Whether it is for your trade show, networking event, or bus ad, Marstudio has a diverse print design portfolio and print marketing collateral. Explore the many different executions of client’s brands across eye-catching flyers, professional business cards, crisp looking brochures, and many other print marketing projects that have yielded optimum results.

Potomac Physician Associates

Right in the heart of Montgomery County, Potomac Physician Associates is a leader in healthcare. With state-of-the-art facilities in Bethesda, Germantown, and Kensington, PPA is home to capable, knowledgeable board-certified doctors who excel at patient care and leading medical practices. When PPA became a Marstudio client, they were in dire need of a rebrand and wanted an identity that would reflect the quality of care they provide. We came up with a vibrant and bright design for them that exudes vitality, health and the diversity of the practice.


Promaneer had an already-established brand, yet they were not happy with the direction in which it was headed. Marstudio took on the task of keeping their existing logo, but creating a whole new design around it. A new typeface was selected, and the logo was modified to include exciting new colors. Once the logo and color palette were designed, Marstudio moved on to designing the rest of the identity, marketing collateral, and their website.

Pizza Salad

A California-based restaurant featuring a scrumptious, healthful, and entirely organic pizza and salad menu, PizzaSalad wanted a branding and website strategy that would strengthen their name and message. Marstudio succeeded in turning the vision of this Earth-conscious startup into a reality with tempting imagery, bold calls to action, intuitive navigation, and a seemingly effortless organization of mission-directed content that powerfully communicates PizzaSalad’s eco-friendly message.


QuickSurveys is an innovative online market research tool that allows the user to create and launch consumer surveys easily and effectively. At Marstudio, we have assisted Toluna QuickSurveys with their marketing collateral in order to create consistency throughout all of their branded material. Because QuickSurveys works with clients such as Nivea, Fiat, Sony Music, British Airways, Playtex, and Loreal, it is a high priority for this online company to have a sharp, professional and cutting-edge outward appearance, which Marstudio helped to provide.

Montgomery Medical Services

Montgomery Medical Services is an advertising, marketing, acquisition, procurement, and consulting firm that specializes in the strategic implementation, and expansion of new or existing medically related services. Marstudio worked with MMS to build branding and a visual identity from the ground up. Their simple, fresh design and bright greens offer a sense of trust, health and prosperity.

iSee Case

Milestone Distribution is a manufacturer and distributor of unique smartphone protective cases, that approached Marstudio to design a fun, new brand for their new line of products. The unusual nature of their products set the stage for a very exciting brand exploration and design which led to a full branding campaign including a brochure, product packaging, website, trade show banners and other marketing collateral.


dHive wanted to refresh their type-based logo in order to run with their trendy competitors. After countless iterations and multiple directions Marstudio finally found the sweet spot and designed a new brand for dHive that combined what the client loved about their original concept with a new and updated look. Exciting colors were introduced as part of a comprehensive brand palette that could not only stand out in the current design climate but also have the classic simplicity to withstand the test of time.


Medmarc came to Marstudio with a few small design projects. They were so satisfied with the result that they commissioned Marstudio to take on the redesign of their entire corporate website and all of their marketing collateral. Marstudio created a whole new color palette and brand identity based on their existing one, and completely reshaped their corporate image by creating a series of contemporary designs to make Medmarc a strong presence in the life sciences insurance industry.


Medmarc Insurance Group asked Marstudio to envision a whole new brand for the Promarc arm of the company. A new logo was designed that encompasses the essence of the service. Then Marstudio took on the challenge of redesigning the website. With the help of the client a new content structure was created that ultimately led to a very clean and crisp website with straight forward navigation and content presentation. The high impact nature of the new website provided a much needed boost to subject matter and provided the users with a fresh look and efficient content delivery format.

Kellogg Conference Hotel

Kellogg Conference Hotel came to Marstudio for a rebranding overhaul. Careful attention was paid to this Washington, DC-based conference hotel service in order to develop a thorough understanding of the image Kellogg Conference Hotel wanted to project, and with that the design team got to work. Marstudio designed print materials such as postcards, flyers, table tents, and elevator signs, creating an unmistakably strong and identifiable print solution for this client.

Anora Home

With Anora Home, it’s all about that one element that makes the whole thing POP. Working with photographs of furniture that offer a muted color palette, Marstudio wanted to create an edgy twist to this modern and minimalist brand’s print material. The solution? An energetic, brilliant flash of orange, that integrates perfectly with the rest of Anora Home’s rich, alluring color palette. The print designs for this client’s business cards, letterheads, and other print materials to reflect its sleek atmosphere, further defining the brand and solidifying its identity.

Synergy Design & Consulting

Synergy D&C, a Virginia-based design and construction startup, asked Marstudio to create their full branding and print material. Synergy D&C was looking for a sleek and clean design to reflect their streamlined approach, so Marstudio got to work designing trade show banners, folders, and other print materials that exemplified the sophisticated atmosphere and work of this talented, hard-working team.