Marstudio Print Portfolio

Whether it is for your trade show, networking event, or bus ad, Marstudio has a diverse print design portfolio and print marketing collateral. Explore the many different executions of client’s brands across eye-catching flyers, professional business cards, crisp looking brochures, and many other print marketing projects that have yielded optimum results.

Synergy Design & Consulting

Synergy D&C, a Virginia-based design and construction startup, asked Marstudio to create their full branding and print material. Synergy D&C was looking for a sleek and clean design to reflect their streamlined approach, so Marstudio got to work designing trade show banners, folders, and other print materials that exemplified the sophisticated atmosphere and work of this talented, hard-working team.

Long & Foster

Long & Foster approached Marstudio for a sophisticated print solution that incorporated their real estate photography and appealed to interested, high-end buyers. Strategic text placement that follows the user’s natural progression along the page, a rich color palette, and an aesthetic vision that caters to a refined sensibility, combined to make this ad a success for Long & Foster.

Montgomery Medical Associates, PC

Montgomery Medical Associates, PC had established itself as a private medical practice before they asked Marstudio to produce a branding and print solution for them. Marstudio designed their print material with the idea in mind of reflecting the ethical and professional atmosphere that the practice promotes. Clean lines, rounded type, and soothing colors work in tandem to evoke a caring and trustworthy image that Montgomery Medical Associates, PC has unequivocally earned.

eSettlement Solutions

eSettlement Solutions, an environmentally conscious real estate settlement firm, called upon Marstudio to refine its branding and design its print material. Using a cool-hued color palette, with plenty of green to reflect their eco-friendly advantage, Marstudio made the daring choice of incorporating into their branding solution high-impact photography, to highlight the features that distinguish eSettlement Solutions from other settlement firms.

Seska Lounge

Exemplifying the Washington Metropolitan Area’s vibrant nightlife scene, Seska Lounge set out to find a design team that could communicate not only the lounge’s lively atmosphere, but the features that set it apart from other local hotspots. The lounge’s menu showcases an international flair that is highlighted in the dramatic design of the website and print material, providing a compelling attraction.

The David Drew Clinic

World leaders in disease prevention, The David Drew Clinic, based in Washington, DC, offers its clients attentive, personalized medical care and thorough preventive screenings to dramatically improve life expectancy. Marstudio effectively communicates the clinic’s message through various print ads, relevant imagery, as well as a bold typography to describe and promote a revolutionary new way to obtain complete medical care.

Sands Artwork

A fine art gallery based in upscale Rockville Town Square, Sands Artwork came to Marstudio for a print strategy that reflected the decorative, modern art it offers. Pairing a vibrant royal purple with black and white, with a splash of paint across the logo to emphasize the passion that only a true artist imbues into his or her work, the print designs convey the gallery’s intention to offer a place where one can find extraordinary works of art that draw the eye. Marstudio’s print work for this gallery is fun and lively, inviting the reader to visit and engage.

Flemington Jewish Community Center Poster Design

Marstudio was asked to create Flemington Jewish Community Center’s design competition poster for Michael Mostoller Architects. The design of the building was a complex amalgamation of history, tradition and modern technology. The final design was sophisticated and complex yet featured every aspect of the design and its components.

Floatograph, LLC

Floatograph approached Marstudio to design a flyer template for their tradeshow appearances. The challenge was to create, design, and build the flyer in a way so that the client could change the content of it last-minute and tailor it to the specific audience they were trying to address at a specific tradeshow. Marstudio produced a sleek, simple, and efficient flyer for them that was completely customizable.

Stevens Institute of Technology Brochure Case Study

Stevens Institute of Technology called upon Marstudio to produce a case study by designing a brochure for the school’s new Product-Architecture Lab. The final result captured the essence of what the program was about and it showcased the futuristic nature of the products that were being studied and produced at the lab.

Yanni Eat & Sleep

A couple of New York freelance architects tasked Marstudio to design two fold-out brochures for two amazing pieces of furniture that they had designed for the Highbridge House in upstate New York. Their design was very unique and the challenge was to design the brochures in a manner that would showcase the furniture rather than overshadow it. Marstudio managed to do just that and the result was two stunning fold-out brochure pieces that were submitted to I.D. Magazine’s furniture design competition.