MARSTUDIO UPDATE // Montgomery County’s New Emergency Preparedness Activity Book

One of Marstudio’s latest client projects to go to print is the Emergency Preparedness Activity Book for Montgomery County, which will be distributed throughout county schools to teach students about disaster preparedness!

Our team truly enjoyed working on this project. We used it as an opportunity to create a uniquely illustrated children’s book that merged design and education, with the goal of introducing kids to good design at an early age.

Marstudio’s Creative Director, Sam R., developed the illustrated characters and the various environments you see in the book. The Marstudio team created an extensive set of custom icons to make the information as clear and accessible to students as possible.

We also developed several activities to keep students engaged, and organized a clean and interactive layout that is visually appealing and informative.

MoCo-Book- 1 copy

MoCo-Book- 5

MoCo-Book- 7

MoCo-Book- 13

MoCo-Book- 12

MoCo-Book- 8

MoCo-Book- 9

MoCo-Book- 10

MoCo-Book- 11

Usually educational material is not developed from a design perspective; instead the emphasis is placed on subject matter. But with great design, an educational book becomes much more exciting, substantial, and engaging. The end result is a higher information retention rate among groups of students.

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