Before & After: Cornerstone Consulting Website

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Cornerstone Consulting is a professional firm that specializes in the development of commercial and residential projects that approached Marstudio for a website refresh.

Working within client guidelines, Marstudio created a high-impact, balanced, and efficient website. Marstudio was able to clarify the information on the site by consolidating the left navigation categories, renaming the categories with more common and easily understood terms, and moving the navigation links to the top of the webpage. This allowed for efficient delivery of information and easy navigation.

Marstudio created three main modules on the homepage that each provide a specific benefit. The Who Are We? (About) Module is an SEO booster; the Why Choose Us? (Testimonials) Module is as a credibility builder; the How Can We Help? (Call to Action) Module is as an engagement facilitator. Each of these major benefits are effectively and appealingly showcased on the homepage so as to have an immediate impact on the viewer.

The homepage also features a rotating banner that guides the viewer through Cornerstone Consulting’s process: envisioning the project with pencil and paper, designing it in a digital format, and finally building the actual structure.

The interior pages all feature custom banner graphics and a right gutter that cross-promotes other sections of the website. Also, an additional color outside of the primary brand colors is used sparingly as a highlight to balance the appearance of the website.

As you can see, Cornerstone Consulting’s new website has been strategically designed and is more engaging, more visually appealing, and easier to navigate.

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