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InDesign Photoshop

InDesign vs. Photoshop

by Sam R.

When it comes to a Designer’s software, Adobe reigns supreme. However, there are multiple programs within the Adobe umbrella, and each serves its own purpose. Here, we’re breaking down the differences between two of Adobe’s software powerhouses, InDesign and Photoshop.[…]

Connection Restored: Trends to Help Your Brand Reconnect with Customers in 2018

by Marstudio Inc.

With robots getting citizenship and digital helpers constantly listening to everything you say, it’s easy to feel that the use of tech is starting to overshadow the natural and human elements in life and in commerce – that companies have lost their focus on helping consumers,[…]

Enhesa: Simplifying Complicated Corporate Messages

by Marstudio Inc.

Enhesa is a leading environmental, health, and safety consulting firm, providing EHS regulatory compliance assurance support to businesses worldwide. Marstudio has had the pleasure of rebranding Enhesa, and collaborating with their organization on multiple marketing and web presence strategies. Enhesa needed a cohesive brand image,[…]

The Making of “A Spring in South Langland” Book Cover

by Sam R.

Even though we have all heard the expression “don’t judge a book by its cover,” we were smart enough to know that everyone does anyway. With this knowledge in hand, we knew what our first step was when author Barry Thomas came to us looking to give his book A Spring in South Langland new life.[…]

Five Misconceptions About Graphic Design

by Sam R.

I’ve been in the graphic design arena for more than three decades now, and I’ve seen my share of myths and misconceptions in this field. Design plays a crucial role in the success of any business, small or large, but I often hear it dismissed as effortless or even unnecessary.[…]

The Dos and Don’ts of UX Design

by Marstudio, Inc.

If you’ve ever visited a website and clicked and clicked and clicked to find the information you were looking for – or gave up and never found it – you already know what a bad user experience (UX) feels like: frustrating.[…]

website design

The Importance of Website Design

by Marstudio Inc.

The “how” of website design has evolved greatly, but the “why” has been more consistent.

This article, Why Website Design Is Still Important, lists out some great factors to consider when it comes to designing your site –[…]

new packaging design

Grill Iron’s New Packaging Design

by Marstudio Inc.

As we celebrate the last few weeks of grilling weather, let’s take a minute to enjoy this new packaging design.

Grill Iron needed an overhaul to their package design that was effective but would fit in with their lean budget.[…]

Mosquito Bar: Beautiful Branding Inspired by the Roaring 20s

by Emma S.

When it comes to branding, there are many different routes that a company can take. In Mosquito’s case, a professional, high-end look was achieved through their new branding effort in the form of packaging, stationary, menus, and more.

This new branding effort didn’t form a completely new image for Mosquito;[…]